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Attached Rafters & Accessories

From: $540.18

Hollow Pergola Rafter

– Standard Rafter Spacing center to center is 16" (Add or subtract based on shading preference)
– Mounting Brackets are used at every intersection of Beams & Rafters

Decorative Rafter Ends

– 2 Ends per Rafter
– Flat caps are used in conjunction w/wall mount brackets when attaching to ledger or structure

2 in Aluminum Rafter Brackets

– 1 per intersection between Beam and Rafter

Stainless Steel Wall Mount Bracket

– Used to connect rafters to ledger/structure
– 1 needed per rafter

#8 x 1 in ( 25/PK )

– 4 screw per Rafter Bracket
– 9 screw per Wall Mount Bracket
- Sold in packs of 25

Rafter Flat Caps

– Used when Rafter is up against house or structure to cap the Rafter
– Used in conjunction with wall mount bracket to seal Rafter End

Aluminum Pergola Rafter Reinforcement

– 2″ x 8″ – Up to 24' length
– 2″ x 6″ – Up to 20' length
– Self supplied wood or man made beam can be used as a replacement for our structural reinforcements
– Any rafter selection spanning over 14' will need extra post/columns or supply wood referenced above