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Effective Immediately, all Black and Clay pergola orders will be experiencing extended lead times as raw material shortages are effecting supply lines.  You are still able to place orders to reserve a spot in line, BUT we do caution that lead times are not stable and we will not be able to give accurate infomation if asked.

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Create Your Own Personal Oasis. The Age-Old Garden Structure Reinvented. Plastic Lumber Yard offers vinyl pergola kits for a ready-to-install structure. Pergola parts and accessories can also be custom configured to create interesting architectural transitions and spaces. Let your imagination soar, knowing that your new outdoor space is low-maintenance and worry-free.

  • Strong & Durable
  • Added Home Value
  • Easily Accessorized
  • Enhances Space
  • Pre-engineered Kits
  • Two Double-beams on All Pergolas
  • Aluminum Inserts in Vinyl Beams
  • Adds Cool Shade

Vinyl Pergolas Last Longer Than Wood

There are a number of reasons why our experienced team recommends vinyl pergolas instead of wood.

Unlike traditional wood pergolas, vinyl will never splinter or rot. Insects that burrow into wood will have no interest in a vinyl pergola. Yearly maintenance is almost non-existent since vinyl never needs to be painted or stained! At most, a vinyl pergola will need a simple wash with either a soft bristle brush, soap, and water or a power washer to remove yearly dirt and debris buildup.

Easy Installation Perfect For The DIYer

All of our pergola kits come with everything that is needed for installation, simply add tools and manpower! The majority of the kits available from Plastic Lumber Yard can be constructed in 1 – 2 days by 2 adults. Our easy-to-follow installation instructions make this the perfect DIY project!