Plastic Lumber Yard Has Teamed up with this old house!

Check out the This Old House episode airing on May 19th, 2022, to see the construction of a white vinyl pergola from Plastic Lumber Yard! This attractive DIY pergola will be placed on a brand new deck and next to a pool to provide shade during the hot summer months. 

The episode is titled “Replacing a Toilet Seat, Full Mortise Lockset Repair”. You can check your local listings to see when it airs by visiting the This Old House TV Schedule page

 Starting May 23rd, the episode can be streamed online.

Inspired by the episode to install your own pergola? Shop now!

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Vinyl Pergola Kits: The Perfect DIY Project

For decades, Plastic Lumber Yard has been helping home and business owners choose the right pergola for their property. We offer a wide range of vinyl pergola kits, ranging in size from 10′ x 10′ to 8′ x 20′. Each kit comes with all of the pergola parts a DIY loving property owner needs to construct a gorgeous shade structure. 

Why Should You Choose A Vinyl Pergola? 

Vinyl pergolas are a great choice for any property. Vinyl doesn’t chip, rust, crack, peel, splinter, or warp. It doesn’t attract wood burrowing insects who could cause significant damage to a wood pergola. 

During the extrusion process, UV inhibitors are combined with pigment. This helps to prevent color fade over time. 

Vinyl Pergolas: Low Maintenance Shade Structures You’ll Love

Residential and commercial property owners love how low maintenance our pergolas  are. A pergola made from vinyl never needs to be painted, stained, or waterproofed. The only yearly maintenance required is a simple wash with either a soft bristle brush or a power washer. 

Are Vinyl Pergolas Strong And Durable? 

Yes! We’ve heard our competitors say that vinyl pergolas are weak but this couldn’t be further from the truth. What proof that our vinyl pergolas are strong? Check out this photo of a Ford Fusion hanging from one of our freestanding pergolas! 


Ford Fusion hanging from a vinyl pergola

Strength & Style

When properly installed and reinforced with aluminum, our vinyl pergolas are strong enough to remain standing even with a car hanging from the rafters! 

Our online store offers a vast array of DIY Pergola Kits, or, if you are seeking a more custom option, check out our online pergola designers!

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How Do I Install My New Vinyl Pergola? 

Every pergola kit purchase from Plastic Lumber Yard comes with a full set of instructions. If you’d like to learn more about the installation process, you can download those instructions in a PDF format from our website. 

PDF Image