Plastic Lumber Yard

Plastic Lumber YardPlastic Lumber
Premium Grade can be used for a wide range of applications with the smoothest finish of all grades, fabrication qualities, and variety of colors. Click below to learn more.

Structural Grade has reinforcing fibers customized to meet more specific strength and load bearing applications. Click below to learn more.

Molded Grade can also be utilized for a wide range of applications often in less aesthetic instances. Click Below to learn more.

Plastic Lumber FurniturePlastic Lumber Furniture
You Bet! Commercial & Residential… Patio Furniture, Pool Furniture, Garden And Lawn Furniture In Classic Collections . Made To Withstand Any Climate.
Plastic Lumber SheetingPlastic Lumber Sheeting

A diversity of sheeting options

from basic homeowner applications to specific industry uses. Explore more to see what best fits your needs.


Enhance the beauty of your home with a Pergola or Fencing.

Need some shade on your deck or just want to build a backyard oasis; then explore our Pergola Man section. It gives you an in depth look into creating your own pergola. Need a Pergola kit, a few individual parts, runners, rafters, columns in a variety of colors. we have that too.  Click Below to learn more.


Plastic Roofing

Engineered using the most advanced technology in material development and manufactured from a proprietary fire rated ACE Compound, Plastic Authentic Roof is the only synthetic roofing slate of its kind.

Plastic Lumber Fasteners

These are the quality screws that match the quality materials used in building your deck, dock or other plastic lumber project. Why make the fastener the weak link in your installation?