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Molded Grade Plastic Lumber – Perfect For Landscaping

Molded Grade plastic wood is made entirely from HDPE and has a tougher “skin” on the outer edges. This plastic lumber is perfect for landscaping applications and is frequently used as turf nailers.

The benefit to using plastic lumber for turf nailers is that it won’t break down like pressure-treated lumber. It will never rot, split, or crack. Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, molded grade plastic boards last for decades.

Plastic Wood Designed For The Food Industry

Industries, like the food industry, where sanitation is a concern, can rest easy when molded grade plastic lumber is installed. This 100% recycled plastic lumber is easy to clean and sanitize. It will never absorb liquids or oils so spills aren’t a concern.

To learn more about how molded grade plastic wood can be used in the food industry, contact our team today.