vinyl privacy fence protecting a pool

Vinyl Fencing And Gates

Fences are an integral structure for many home and business owners. At Plastic Lumber Yard, our goal is to provide vinyl fencing that meets the needs of each individual property. Every fencing category includes gate and hardware options. 

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What Is Vinyl Fencing Made Of? 

Vinyl fencing is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a type of plastic. Our vinyl is made through a co-extrusion process. This means that the fencing has two layers, the inner layer serving as impact resistance and the outer layer including UV inhibitors to ensure the fencing color stays vibrant. This manufacturing process creates fencing that is strong and durable. 

Why Should I Choose Vinyl Fencing Over Wood? 

While it’s true that wood fences can be quite effective and charming, vinyl has certain qualities that make it a better alternative to wood. Here’s why our team loves vinyl fencing: 

Vinyl Is Easy To Maintain 

If you’re looking for a low maintenance fence, vinyl is the right choice. Vinyl will never rot, crack, peel, or splinter like a wood fence. Insects have no interest in burrowing into vinyl. Yearly maintenance is virtually eliminated since you never have to paint or stain a vinyl fence. 

Fencing Made From Vinyl Is Easy To Clean 

Dirt and debris are easily washed off of a vinyl fence. Simply use a garden hose or pressure washer to remove dust and grime. For slightly more stubborn spots, use dish detergent and a soft-bristle brush to wipe it away. 

Vinyl Is More Durable Than Wood

Over time, wood will succumb to weather extremes and may rot, warp, and sag. To prevent this, wood should be treated with chemicals that could be harmful to the environment, children, and pets. Vinyl never needs to be treated and can withstand harsh weather without decay. In fact, vinyl fences will last for decades longer than a wooden fence. 

Will My White Vinyl Fence Turn Yellow Or Discolor? 

No, you don’t have to worry about your new white vinyl fence turning yellow or discoloration, even when exposed to rain, snow, sand, and sun. UV inhibitors are included during the manufacturing process to ensure that your white fence stays bright. Our vinyl fences are also available in three other colors, almond, clay, and black. 

How Long Will A Vinyl Fence Last? 

When properly installed and maintained, a vinyl fence will last for decades, often more than 30 years. 

Will A Vinyl Fence Burn?

Vinyl is an extremely durable material with a flash point of 900 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows it to be categorized as a self-extinguishing material. You won’t have to worry about an accident occurring if you and your loved ones enjoy a good barbeque and bonfires! 

Can Vinyl Fencing Be Used For Horses? 

Absolutely! Vinyl fencing doesn’t hold moisture or scents and has virtually no taste (or at least it doesn’t taste good!) so horses generally don’t crib on it. Thanks to it’s high flash point, vinyl fencing can also be electrified, without the use of special insulators for hot wires.