Vinyl Railing | Durable & Low-Maintenance Boxed Railing Kits

Vinyl Railing: Low Maintenance & Durable

Vinyl railing can transform any deck or porch, enhancing it with beauty and strength. Plastic Lumber Yard offers a wide variety of vinyl railing in boxed kits to fit the needs of any construction project.

Our vinyl railing has multiple baluster and post cap options to choose from making it easy to match the existing home decor or remodeling plans. Reinforced with aluminum, this railing is strong enough to withstand the elements and will last for decades to come without splintering, cracking, or peeling.

Homeowners and business owners will love how easy it is to maintain the railing – simply wash it down with soap and water to remove dirt and debris. Yearly painting and staining is a thing of the past since vinyl colors stay vibrant.

Available colors include white, black, and clay. When installed properly, no screws are visible.

Deck Railing That Is Easy To Install

Homeowners seeking their next DIY project will love the deck railing boxed kits. Each kit can be put together using only standard tools. Tools that are recommended include:

  • safety glasses
  • rubber mallet
  • power drill
  • tape measure

Each kit includes easy-to-follow instructions.

Porch Railing That Adds Style And Strength

Our vinyl railing kits are perfect for porches and can also be installed on stairs. Reinforced vinyl is 5 times stronger than wood, providing a safe and secure environment.

Made in the USA, each porch railing system is engineered and tested, ensuring that it meets ICC Standards.

ADA Handrails are available.