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Hollow Pergola Rafter

2 in Aluminum Rafter Brackets


Hollow Pergola Rafter

Decorative Rafter Ends


Hollow Pergola Rafter

Hollow Pergola Rafter


Hollow Pergola Rafter

Rafter Flat Caps


Are you designing your own pergola? Match your plans with the right set of pergola rafters.

What Is A Pergola Rafter?

The pergola rafter is the horizontal beam that goes across the top of the pergola. If the pergola is attached, one end of the rafters is attached to a ledger board and sits on top of a beam at the other side of the pergola. On a freestanding pergola, the rafters on beams on both ends.

Shop Vinyl Pergola Rafters

Our vinyl pergola rafters are available in two sizes, 2” x 6” and 2” x 8”.

Rafters should be spaced 12” to 24” apart depending on the pergola design. These hollow rafters require additional aluminum support or a piece of dimensional lumber.

Rafters are available in four colors. Each vinyl rafter includes UV inhibitors during the extrusion process which help to prevent fading from exposure to the sun.

Professional Grade Vinyl Pergola Parts

Every pergola part available in our online store is made from the highest quality vinyl available on the market. Whether it’s built from a pergola kit or a custom design, commercial business owners and homeowners can rest easy knowing their pergola will stand for decades to come.

Maintenance on pergolas and each of the rafters is minimal. Simply use a hose, soft bristle brush, or power washer to clean any dirt and debris that builds up over time.

Create A Gorgeous Shaded Space

A pergola isn’t a structure to simply be admired. Pergolas create a shady space that can be used for outdoor sitting space, a garden, or even an outdoor dining area.