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Hollow Pergola Beams

Hollow Pergola Beam


Find the perfect pergola beams for your custom vinyl pergola design.

What Is A Pergola Beam?

A pergola beam is a part that is placed on top of the columns. The beams sit under the rafters, helping to create the open-air shade structure.

Shop Hollow Vinyl Pergola Beams

Plastic Lumber Yard offers vinyl pergola beams in two sizes, 2″ x 8″ or 2″ x 6″, and in lengths ranging from 8′ to 24′.

Each hollow beam requires additional aluminum reinforcement. A piece of dimensional lumber can also be used for support.

Vinyl pergola beams are available in four colors: white, black, clay, and almond. UV inhibitors are included during the extrusion process so that the vinyl pergola doesn’t fade from sun exposure.

High Quality & Low Maintenance Vinyl

Each pergola part in our online store is made from professional-grade vinyl. It never needs to be painted, stained, or sealed, it won’t attract insects, and it won’t rust or rot.

All that is required to keep a pergola looking new is the occasional wash! This can be accomplished with a power washer or soft bristle brush, soap, and water.