Vinyl Privacy Fence For Homes And Businesses | Durable & Attractive

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Privacy Fencing For Residential And Commerical Properties

A privacy fence is an excellent way to provide the privacy and security needed for any commercial or residential property. At Plastic Lumber Yard, we are proud to offer vinyl privacy fencing made from the highest quality materials.

Our online store provides a vast offering of vinyl fencing. In the privacy fencing category, fencing height options range from 4′ to 8′. A solid privacy fence, as well as a fence with a lattice top, can be purchased.

Why Is A Vinyl Privacy Fence The Best Option?

Vinyl is a low-maintenance fencing option that provides the strength needed for increased security. Vinyl fence owners never need to paint, stain or waterproof their fence. Rust isn’t a concern, nor is insect damage.

Fencing Kits For The DIY Homeowner

Each privacy fence kit in our online store can be installed by a savvy DIY owner. These fencing kits come with everything needed to install a full section of fence, including instructions. All that is needed are tools, safety gear, and manpower!

What Are The Parts Of A Fence?

Depending on the type of fence, the following parts might be part of the kit:

Posts: The foundation of a fence that holds panels, pickets, and railing in place. Needs to be installed securely into the ground.

Pickets: The section of the fencing that provides privacy. Think of this as the fence “filling”.

Post Caps: Post caps, unsurprisingly, go on the top of a post. These caps aren’t just decorative, they are also protective, helping the post to last longer.

Gates: Gates provide a secure entryway through a fence.