Post and Rail Fencing For Ranch and Farm Wedding Venues

Choosing the right type of fence for your ranch style wedding venue can be surprisingly important! It’s not just about physical boundaries – the fence can significantly impact the ambiance, safety, and overall flow of a ceremony. 

Factors Wedding Venues Should Consider When Shopping For A Fence

Fence shopping isn’t always a simple process. There are many factors that should be considered before making a purchase, such as: 

Practical considerations:

  • Safety and crowd control: Fences can help manage and direct the flow of guests, particularly during key moments. This is especially important for outdoor venues or those with uneven terrain.
  • Noise control: Certain types of fences can effectively dampen outside noise, creating a more serene and controlled environment for your vows or speeches.
  • Regulations and permissions: Some outdoor venues might have specific regulations regarding fences or permits you need to obtain. Research local requirements well in advance.

Setting the stage:

  • Aesthetic appeal: Fences can complement the style of your wedding venue. Ranch or farm style venues will likely want to consider a ranch style fence!
  • Defining the space: Fences create a sense of enclosure and intimacy, making your guests feel immersed in the wedding atmosphere. They can also help delineate different areas within the venue, separating the ceremony area from the reception or dance floor.

Additional factors to consider:

  • Budget: Fence materials and installation costs vary greatly. Be realistic about your budget and prioritize your needs.
  • Durability and maintenance: Choose a fence material that is weatherproof and easy to maintain, especially if it’s a permanent fixture.

Black Split Rail Fencing: A Great Choice For Wedding Venues

Split Rail Fence, also known as Ranch Fence, is often the best choice for outdoor, farm, or ranch style wedding venues. This style of fencing is made from many materials, the two most popular being wood and vinyl. 

While wood fencing can be a good option, our team typically recommends a vinyl fence. Vinyl is waterproof, so it will never rot, crack, warp, or peel. It can be installed in any climate and will last for decades even when exposed to wind, rain, snow, and sun. It doesn’t attract insects or other wildlife. Perhaps the best characteristic of vinyl, however, is how low-maintenance it is.

Vinyl never needs to be painted, stained, or treated. A simple wash when needed is all the maintenance a vinyl fence requires! 

The team at Plastic Lumber Yard also recommends choosing a black vinyl ranch fence. Why? It’s even easier to maintain! Unlike a white fence which shows everything, a black fence will do a great job of hiding any dirt that accumulates. Wedding venue owners already have enough to keep track of, fence maintenance shouldn’t be one of them. 

Ready To Buy A New Fence? 

If you’re a wedding venue owner and you’re ready to buy a new fence, or if you have questions about our products, contact our sales team at Please include any drawings, specs, or information that is available. One of our experienced sales team members will get back to you as soon as possible.