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What Is A Picket?

Picket fences are made of a top rail and a bottom rail attached to fence posts. Between the posts, evenly spaced boards are fixed vertically to the rails. These vertical boards are known as pickets because of their resemblance to the historical defensive stakes used against cavalry, which were known as pickets.

Vinyl Fence Pickets: Durable & Secure

Vinyl is a great choice for pickets and picket fences because of its durable nature. Vinyl isn’t impacted by water so it won’t ever rot. It doesn’t attract insects, it won’t crack, splinter, or peel, and it can handle all of the elements.

The vinyl pickets available from Plastic Lumber Yard include UV inhibitors that help to prevent color fade caused but the sun.

Can Vinyl Pickets Keep My Yard Secure?

Absolutely! Picket fences are a great way to define the boundary of a property and to keep kids, pets, and visitors safe. Not only are picket fences durable they are also strong.