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Structural Grade Plastic Lumber

Structural lumber is required when enhanced strength and durability are needed for a construction project. Plastic lumber planks that are considered structural are 5 inches or greater in width. Structural lumber is typically used for rafters, floor joists, framing, beams, and trusses. Our structural plastic lumber has been used to build docks, boardwalks, decks, retaining walls, and gazebos.

Is Structural Plastic Lumber As Strong As Wood?

Yes. This poly lumber is fiberglass reinforced making it stronger than wood and 3 times stiffer than our premium and molded grade plastic lumber.

What Is Fiberglass?

Fiberglass is a lightweight material that is made when molten glass is pushed through super-fine holes, creating thin glass filaments. These filaments can be woven together and then combined with other products to increase product strength.

Fiberglass is an excellent choice for reinforcement because it allows for flexibility in design, is resistant to corrosion and rot, has high impact resistance, is non-conductive, and is non-magnetic.

Lumber That Is Safe For The Environment

Unlike pressure-treated wood, plastic lumber won’t leach chemicals into the environment, making it safe for use for land and marine applications. This building material is also eco-friendly because it is composed of 100% recycled plastic that is diverted from landfills.