Plastic Lumber | Eco Friendly - Made From Recycled Plastics

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Plastic Lumber Yard is proud to offer high-quality recycled plastic lumber that can be used for any construction project.

Lumber Made From Plastic Sourced From Landfills

In an effort to reduce the amount of plastic waste that is released into the environment, Plastic Lumber Yard sells lumber made from recycled plastics by pulling detergent bottles and milk jugs from landfills. Each year, hundreds of thousands of these recycled bottles are transformed into lumber!

The Benefits Of Building With Plastic

We believe that plastic makes a better alternative to wood. Plastic wood boards will never rot or splinter.  Available in molded, structural, and premium grades, our team can match you with the right product to fit your needs. Strength is never an issue.

Our materials are so durable that many customers who have used plastic wood for decking have decks still in excellent condition decades later.

Never Stain Or Paint Your Deck Again

You’ll never have to worry about painting or staining when you build with plastic wood. During the manufacturing process, UV inhibitors are included in the new mold, ensuring that color won’t fade for years to come. Simply use a power washer to remove any dirt or debris build-up to refresh the plastic wood.

Projects Our Plastic Lumber Has Been Used For

Plastic Lumber Yard’s recycled lumber has been used in many construction projects, including but not limited to:

  • boardwalks
  • amusement parks
  • indoor riding rings
  • barns
  • horse stalls
  • decking
  • food service buildings

If you have questions about which grade of lumber is best for your project, contact our team. We will be happy to review your construction project and make lumber recommendations.