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Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs Perfect For Any Pool

Is there anything better than lying back and relaxing by the pool? It might be easy to simply throw down a beach towel next to the pool but it’s not the most comfortable option. The best outdoor chair for total relaxation by the pool is the chaise lounge.

The chaise lounges available at Plastic Lumber Yard come with many options. Looking for a chaise lounge with arms? Our team has you covered. Moving and storing your chaise lounge is easy when you choose a chaise lounge with wheels.

Outdoor Furniture Made From Recycled Plastic

All of our outdoor chaise lounge chairs are made from 100% recycled plastic. We source our recycled plastic from landfills, clean it, and break it down into pellets so that it can be molded into lumber.

Plastic outdoor furniture is a great option for most outdoor spaces. Plastic won’t ever rot because it doesn’t absorb liquids or oils. You’ll never have to worry about getting splinters again because this outdoor chair won’t crack or splinter. Even better? Plastic doesn’t ever need to be painted or stained, eliminating any yearly maintenance other than a quick cleaning!

Although the initial investment into a plastic chaise lounge may be slightly more than a wood one, these outdoor chairs are designed to last for decades.

Choosing The Right Chaise Lounge Chair

It’s important to keep in mind that chaise lounges are a much larger piece of furniture than a typical patio chair. In order to use the lounge with ease, at least two feet should be left between chairs.