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Outdoor Patio Furniture: Durable And Waterproof

Every outdoor oasis needs the right outdoor furniture. This might include a set of Adirondack Chairs, a full Dining Set with a table and matching chairs, Rocking Chairs, or even Swings.

When picking outdoor furniture, it’s important to choose patio furniture that will last for years to come and is low maintenance. There are many materials that can be turned into outdoor furniture but none are as durable as plastic.

Why is plastic outdoor furniture the most durable? Since plastic does not absorb any oils or liquids, patio furniture made from plastic will never rot. Insects have no interest in eating plastic so insect damage simply isn’t a concern.

Plastic patio furniture won’t ever crack, peel, or splinter. It’s designed to last for decades to come.

Does Plastic Outdoor Furniture Need To Be Painted?

No. Yearly maintenance is a thing of the past when plastic furniture is used. Whatever color is chosen will remain vibrant and strong without the need to paint or stain.

Are Plastic Patio Sets Environmentally-Friendly

It’s no secret that plastic impacts the environment. That’s why the patio sets offered at Plastic Lumber Yard are made entirely from recycled plastic.

Plastic is pulled from landfills, cleaned, and broken down into pellets. These pellets are then melted and mixed with colors and UV inhibitors. It is then formed into planks that are used to build outdoor furniture.

So far, millions of milk jugs and detergent bottles have been transformed into comfortable furniture that is enjoyed by thousands of home and business owners.