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The split rail fence is timeless and attractive. Also known as a ranch-style fence, post and rail fence, or buck and rail fence, this fence system can increase the curb appeal of any property.

Vinyl Fencing Can Withstand The Elements

Vinyl is a very durable material, capable of handling sun, sand, snow, ice, rain, and wind. It’s a waterproof material so fences made from vinyl will never be weakened by rot. Its insect proof.

The heavy-duty nature of vinyl not only results in less time and money spent on yearly maintenance but also saves on replacement costs. Vinyl will stand for decades while still looking fresh and new.

If additional strength is needed, aluminum inserts can be added to each post.

Ranch-Style Fences: Increase Your Property Value

A fence can increase a property’s value by clearly marking property lines and creating a secure space. Vinyl fencing is loved throughout the country and is a great choice for any fencing project.

Easy To Install Fence Sections

Every fence section comes with a complete set of installation instructions. This fence style is incredibly easy to install and is loved by DIY homeowners and contractors. It’s lightweight, making it easy to transport, lift, and position.

Can Vinyl Split Rail Be Used For Livestock?

Yes! In addition to aluminum inserts, vinyl fencing can be hotwired. It is frequently used for horse pastures and other livestock. The low upkeep costs help to save dramatically over time.