Enhance Your Commercial Space With A Vinyl Pergola

The vinyl pergola stands as a versatile and stylish addition that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of spaces but also provides functional benefits. From creating inviting outdoor dining areas to transforming corporate landscapes, the applications of vinyl pergolas are as diverse as the businesses that can benefit from them. In this post, you’ll discover how the charm and functionality of vinyl pergolas can enhance various business environments.

Types Of Businesses That Can Enhance Their Outdoor Space With A Pergola

Here are a few examples of how popular businesses can use a pergola to enhance their property. 

Restaurants: Outdoor dining spaces are becoming increasingly popular. Add a small pergola over waiting areas or create defined dining areas with a large pergola. 

Wineries: Like restaurants, wineries can enhance their outdoor tasting area by installing a pergola. They can also make the space educational by allowing grape vines to grow over the pergola creating an attractive canopy. 

Hotels and Resorts: Pergolas are the perfect addition to a poolside – creating shade and defined seating areas. 

Wedding Venues: It doesn’t matter what style of venue – rustic, modern, or fairytale castle, a pergola can work in them all! Add charm to an outdoor reception area or create the perfect photographic backdrop with climbing floral vines. 

Apartment Complexes: Add value and appeal to communal outdoor spaces by creating seating areas that offer shade. 

Libraries: Design and outdoor reading area or meeting space for library programs.

Choose A Pergola That Requires Little Maintenance 

Pergolas can be built in many different materials, including wood, vinyl, and aluminum. At Plastic Lumber Yard, we recommend that commercial property owners install vinyl pergolas. 

Vinyl pergolas can be reinforced with aluminum inserts, greatly enhancing the pergola’s strength. Vinyl is waterproof and insect proof. It never rots, cracks, or peels. Vinyl also never needs to be painted or stained! It simply needs to be cleaned on occasion! 

Choose from four attractive colors and customize the pergola by selecting the column style that matches your outdoor décor. 

Vinyl Pergolas Delivered To Your Business 

Connect our sales team to help you design the perfect pergola for your business. Email info@plasticlumberyard.com with your questions, pictures of the outdoor space, and measurements to get started.