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Attached Beams & Accessories

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Hollow Pergola Beam

- #14 x 4" screws are required to attach the beam to column mounts & ledgers to structure
- If beams are attaching to the structure wall mount brackets & flat caps recommended

Decorative Beam Ends

- Flat caps used in conjunction with wall mount bracket when up against a structure
- Please subtract an equal quantity of ends if you are adding flat caps

#14 x 4 in SS Screws

- 2 screws per connection (connects the beam to column/post mount & ledger to house)
- Use 5/8" hole plugs to seal vinyl

5/8 in Screw Hole Plug

– 1 plastic hole plug per every #14 x 4″ screw
- Used to plug pre-drilled 5/8" holes made for #14 x 4" screws

Beam Flat Caps

- Flat caps are used to seal each ledger end

Aluminum Pergola Beam Reinforcement

- Self-supplied wood or man-made beam can be used as a replacement for our structural reinforcements
- Any beam choice spanning over 14' will need extra post/columns or self supplied wood as indicated above