HDPE Lumber Is Perfect For Marine Construction Projects

Eco conscious home and business owners are constantly on the lookout for green building products that help to reduce the impact on our planet. When it comes to projects that require marine grade materials, HDPE lumber should be on the top of every builders list. 

The Benefits Of Using HDPE Lumber For Marine Projects

From small boat to large commercial barge docks, it’s important to have materials that can withstand an aquatic environment. Here’s why plastic lumber is the perfect choice. 

Plastic Is A Waterproof Material

Traditionally, docks and other coastal structures have been built using wood, specifically pressure treated wood. 

Pressure treated wood is created by placing the lumber in a tank. The air is vacuumed out of the tank, increasing the pressure. A chemical solution is then added to the tank and the pressure forces the chemicals to soak deep into the wood. These chemicals help to slow decay when the wood is exposed to water and soil. 

The problem is that these chemicals will leech into the surrounding environment over time, harming the local environment. To make matters worse, the wood will still weaken as decay and rot sets in. 

Plastic lumber is completely waterproof and will never rot, crack, or weaken. It remains structurally sound in both fresh and salt water. 

Structural Marine Lumber Has Greater Strength

There are two factors that provide structural lumber with enhanced strength. First, HDPE Is composed of thermoplastic polymers that have a high strength to density ration. Second, our structural lumber has fiberglass added during the extrusion process. Pound for pound, fiberglass is stronger than both steel and aluminum. 

Plastic Wood Saves On Replacement Costs

Over time, traditional marine building products break down and need to be replaced. The replacement parts, as well as the time and energy spent making repairs, can drain any budget. When installed correctly, plastic wood can last for decades without decaying. 

Maintenance Requirements For HDPE 

One of the best features of plastic timbers is the fact that there is almost  no maintenance required. All that is needed is an occasional cleaning which can be accomplished with dish soap and water or a power washer on a low setting. 

No chemical protectants or adhesives are needed to maintain the integrity of marine lumber made from plastic. 

Save Money In The Long-Term With Marine Plastic Timber

The benefits that come from installing plastic lumber are undeniable. Ultimately, the best part is that there will be a huge savings as money will not need to be spent on maintenance and replacements. 

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