DIY Projects Boat Owners Can Do With Marine Board

You love your boat and you take pride in keeping it well maintained. When it comes time to replace parts, consider using Marine Board, a marine-grade plastic sheet that will last a lifetime. 

What Is Marine Board? 

Marine Board is made from High-Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) a thermoplastic polymer that is made from petroleum. HDPE is commonly used to make products like shampoo bottles, piping, and even cutting boards. 

The Marine Board offered in the Plastic Lumber Yard online store is high density and durable. Perfect for all weather conditions and climates, Marine Board resists water, mildew, insects, and chemicals. It won’t rot, crack, splinter, or peel. This board is also impact resistant and rigid. 

What Can Marine Board Be Used For? 

DIY boat owners will love the vast number of projects that Marine Board can be used for! Here are a few examples of how our team has seen Marine Board be used in practical applications. 

  • Bait Boards
  • Bait Wells
  • Sink Covers
  • Hatch Boards
  • Shower Flooring
  • Cabinets
  • Table Tops
  • Electric Boxes

The possibilities are endless!

Does Marine Board Require Special Tools? 

No! Marine Board can be cut, routered, and drilled with traditional woodworking tools. 

What Colors And Thicknesses Are Marine Board Available In? 

Marine Board is available in Mercury Gray, Polar White, Sandshade, Sea Foam, and Black. Each board can be purchased in ¼”, ½”, ¾”, or 1’ thickness. 

The pigments used to provide color to Marine Board are found throughout the entire thickness of the board. UV stabilizers are included to help prevent fading. 

How To Care For Marine Board 

One of the great benefits of using an HDPE board on a boat is the fact that it is low maintenance. To clean it, simply use liquid dish soap or boat wash with water and a scrub brush. Other than checking yearly for damage, this is the only maintenance this board requires! 

Can I Use Marine Board For Boat Flooring?

Despite its hardiness and rigidity, we don’t recommend using Marine Board for the boat floor. Instead, check out our full offering of Premium Plastic Lumber. This lumber is made from recycled plastics and is the perfect choice for redoing boat floors and even docks. 

Like Marine Board, Premium Plastic Lumber is perfect for coastal and marine applications. It is resistant to mold and mildew, it won’t ever rot, and very little maintenance is required. 

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