The Benefits Of Vinyl Deck Railing | Boxed Vinyl Railing Kits

You’ve started the process of adding a new deck or porch and now you need to pick railing. Of all of the options on the market, vinyl is one of the most popular options and for good reason. Let’s take a look at why vinyl railing is an excellent deck railing choice. 

Should I Choose Vinyl Deck Railing?

Is vinyl railing right for you? Let’s dive right into the details.

Vinyl Deck Railing Is Durable 

Designed to withstand sun, sand, wind, rain, and snow, vinyl deck railing will stand strong in all types of weather. Strength isn’t an issue – in fact, vinyl is 5 times stronger than wood when installed properly. 

Vinyl Doesn’t Absorb Water

One of the biggest issues that business and home owners have with deck railing is weakness caused by rot. Since vinyl doesn’t absorb liquids or oils, unsafe rotting railing won’t ever be an issue! 

Deck Railing Made From Vinyl Is Easy To Clean

Keeping vinyl railing looking fresh and new is shockingly easy. When dirt and debris build up over the seasons, a quick wipe down with some dish soap and water is all it takes to clean vinyl. For even faster clean up, a power washer can be used. 

Insects Have No Interest In Vinyl 

Bugs are an unavoidable part of life. When a deck and railing is constructed from wood, there is always the risk that termites or other wood burrowing insects will cause damage. Thankfully, insects ignore vinyl railing! 

Vinyl Porch Railing Doesn’t Need To Be Painted 

Yearly painting and staining becomes a thing of the past when vinyl deck railing is installed. Available in many attractive colors, high-quality vinyl railing, like the options sold at Plastic Lumber Yard, includes UV-inhibitors. These inhibitors ensure that the vinyl color remains vibrant for decades to come even when exposed to the sun. 

Vinyl Railing Is Easy To Install 

Every boxed vinyl railing kit from Plastic Lumber Yard comes with installation instructions, perfect for those looking to install their own deck railing. No special tools are required!

Deck Railing Made From Vinyl Is Affordable 

At the onset, wood is slightly cheaper than vinyl railing. However, the durable and long lasting nature of vinyl, in addition to the low maintenance costs and time saving efforts, make it a much more affordable option. 

How Long Do Vinyl Railings Last?

When installed properly and maintained, vinyl deck railings last at least 20-30 years. Decades later your porch railing will still look great and provide the security and safety that is needed!

Shop Boxed Vinyl Railing Kits 

Plastic Lumber Yard offers boxed vinyl deck railing kits in White, Clay, Almond, and Black. Every kit includes easy to follow instructions. Recommended tools include a rubber mallet, tape measure, safety glasses, and a power drill. 

Are you looking to customize your vinyl deck railing? Numerous cap and baluster options are available. Shop our online store or call our team with your specific vinyl railing needs. Our experienced staff members can help you find the right railing for your deck or porch.