The Perfect Materials For A Shore House Deck Or Porch

Summer is here and millions of Americans are heading to the shore for some fun in the sun! That also means millions of homeowners are arriving to find that their traditional wood decks and railing are looking worn, perhaps even rotting. The time has come to install a new deck and railing. 

Instead of installing another wood deck that will require ongoing maintenance and repair, why not upgrade the outdoor living space by using plastic lumber and vinyl railing?

The Perfect Decking & Railing For Shore Homes

It’s no secret that the combination of sand, salt, water, and sun can be brutal on outdoor structures. In just a few years, brand new wood decks can look dilapidated and may even be unsafe. For example, just take a look at this two-year-old wood boardwalk next to plastic lumber that has been installed for more than a decade! 

wood boardwalk next to plastic lumber

As you can see, the wood is already stained, cracked, and splintering. However, the plastic wood decking is in excellent condition. It simply needs the first power wash of the season!

The Benefits Of Recycled Plastic Wood Decking

Available in a wide range of colors to suit any style, recycled plastic lumber will last for decades. Made from HDPE, this lumber doesn’t absorb liquids or oils so it won’t ever rot, the perfect solution for shore homes. It doesn’t splinter or crack, making it family friendly. 

Plastic lumber is also an eco-friendly option. Each plastic decking board is made entirely from recycled plastic that has been sourced from landfills. Milk jugs and detergent bottles are pulled from the trash and broken down into pellets, then molded into lumber. 

Perhaps the best part about using plastic lumber for a new deck, however, is the lack of yearly maintenance. All that is needed is the occasional power wash! Never worry about painting, staining, or waterproofing again!

No deck or porch is complete without railing and Plastic Lumber Yard has the perfect solution – vinyl. 

Vinyl Railing: Elegance, Strength, Durability

Vinyl has many of the same qualities as plastic wood decking, making it the perfect railing for homes that are regularly exposed to salt, sand, sun, wind, and water. 

Our boxed vinyl railing kits can be customized to fit the needs of any home. Multiple baluster styles and post caps can be combined to create the perfect elegant look. While white is the most common choice for beach houses, black and clay are also available. 

Vinyl Railing & Plastic Lumber: An Affordable Decking Solution

Over time, plastic wood decking and vinyl railing is a much more affordable solution than a traditional wood deck. While the upfront cost of the materials is a bit more, installation costs are the same. The great difference is the ongoing cost of maintenance and the cost of replacing rotted and damaged wood over the years. 

Gone are the expenses associated with paints, stains, and waterproofing agents. Once installed, a simple wash will leave this outdoor entertainment structure gleaming. Not only does this save money, it also saves time! 

Simply put, vinyl railing and plastic lumber will last a lifetime.  

Are Special Tools Needed To Work With Vinyl Railing & Plastic Lumber? 

No! If you’re a handy home or business owner who would like a DIY decking project, you will be able to use the same tools that you would use when building a wood deck. 

While our plastic lumber must be ordered to fit the design of the deck, the vinyl railing can be purchased in easy to install boxed railing kits. These kits come with all of the required parts and easy to follow instructions. 

Contact Plastic Lumber Yard with your design and questions to learn more.