How To Correctly Install A Vinyl Fence Post | Plastic Lumber Yard

Fences that last for decades have two things in common: they are made from high-quality materials and they have a good foundation. A good foundation occurs when the fence posts are installed and set properly, remaining upright and unmoving. 

How To Properly Install Vinyl Fence Posts

Once you’ve properly laid out the location of your new vinyl fence and have marked where each post will go, installation can begin. 

Step #1: Dig The Post Hole

Digging the post holes is arguably the most difficult task that needs to be done when installing a fence. If you only have a few holes to dig, it might make sense do to the work manually with a shovel and/or post hole digger. However, for larger projects, it might make sense to rent an auger. 

Post holes should be 30’’ deep and between 9’’ and 12’’ in diameter (the required diameter will be noted in the instructions included with the fence). 

Step #2: Mix The Concrete

There are a surprising number of concrete types. The reality is that any kind of concrete will work. What’s important is that is to be mindful of the time it takes for the concrete to set. 

Follow the instructions on the bag – some concretes can be mixed in the hole while others have to be mixed together in a wheelbarrow or on a tarp.

Step #3: Set The Posts 

First, be sure to have additional scrap wood or other material to properly brace the post.

Place a few inches of ¾ crushed stone at the bottom of the hole. To ensure a proper post depth and section height, align the bottom edge of the first routed post hole with a string line. Fill the hole with half of the recommended concrete and then place the post. 

Measure the height of the post for correctness. Then, use a level to ensure that the post is perfectly level. Take your time making adjustments. 

Fill the remaining area around the post with concrete, leaving 2’’ at the top of the post hole. 

Check And Double Check Your Fence Posts 

Once all of the posts have been set, double check the depth and make sure each is level. Then, allow the concrete to set fully. Do not continue with the rest of the fence installation until the concrete as set.

Once everything is set, fill the remaining 2’’ with soil.

Can Back-Fill Foam Be Used To Set Fence Posts?

Yes, back-fill foam can be used to set fence posts, however, it’s important to keep in mind that many foam options set very quickly – some in as little as three minutes.