The Benefits Of Using Plastic Lumber At A Vineyard

It’s no secret that people love to drink wine! The United States alone has wineries in all of the 50 states, with more than 11,000 wineries total in the country. Each year, millions of grapes are grown and harvested from lush and gorgeous vines. 

While traditional vineyard posts have been made of wood, many wineries are now choosing to use a more sustainable option: recycled plastic lumber. 

Why Use Recycled Plastic Lumber For Vineyard Posts? 

Plastic lumber can be used in any project that calls for traditional wood lumber and performs just as well, but has significant benefits. 

Plastic Lumber Is Waterproof

Gone are the days of rotting wood posts that need to be replaced! Plastic lumber doesn’t absorb liquids of any kind, so it won’t ever rot, crack, peel, or splinter. It is resistant to mold and mildew. 

Termites Don’t Like Plastic 

Anytime that wood is placed out in nature it attracts insects. Insect damage can completely decimate wood posts in a matter of months. When wood posts are unable to carry the weight of heavy vines, they can snap. These can result in damage to the vines as well.

Lumber Made From Recycled Plastic Can Be Used In Any Climate 

It doesn’t matter what part of the country a vineyard is in, plastic lumber can withstand the harsh elements in that climate. Sun, snow, ice, wind, rain, sand, and salt exposure – plastic lumber can handle it all. 

Using Plastic Posts From Plastic Lumber Yard Is Eco-Friendly

Each post produced and sold by Plastic Lumber Yard is made from recycled plastics. Milk jugs and detergent bottles are broken down and reformed into lumber. These plastics were once ocean and land bound but can now be used as a green building material. 

Ultimately, plastic lumber will outperform wood posts and will last for decades to come with little maintenance required.

Vineyard Decking – Build A Gorgeous And Durable Deck For Guests 

Wineries that are hoping to attract visitors need to create an inviting space. A deck with outdoor seating is a great way to encourage guests to purchase a bottle or flights and stay.

Our Premium Grade plastic lumber is perfect for decking. Each board is available in a wide range of colors, making it easy to mix and match for wineries looking to create a unique deck inlay design. It’s also easy to use these boards to build a deck bar, bench seating, or even built-in planters!

With thousands of visitors each year and heavy foot traffic, it’s important to choose a decking board that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. 

Wine spilled on polywood

Once installed, plastic lumber simply needs to be checked occasionally for damage and washed when needed. Did a guest spill a glass of wine? No problem! Simply wipe down the area with a soft bristle brush and some dish soap! 

Plastic Furniture Perfect For Wineries

Hunting for furniture that won’t stain when wine is spilled? Look no further. The furniture available in our online store is made from the same professional grade plastic lumber. Mix and match colors to create the perfect outdoor seating area that guests won’t want to leave!