Add A Pergola To Your Patio | Pergola Design Ideas

Does your patio feel like it’s lacking something? Does it feel flat and boring? Are you looking for ways to improve the ambiance? It might be time to consider building a pergola over your patio. 

By adding a vinyl pergola, you can create a useful and attractive space that can be used for entertaining or personal use. The team at Plastic Lumber Yard has helped both businesses and homeowners design a patio pergola. The following are some of the patio pergola designs that we’ve seen created by happy customers. 

Pergola Dining Area

Create the perfect atmosphere for a fine dining experience! The combination of a brick or stone patio, a vinyl pergola providing shade, and an attractive dining set are a great start. To make the experience even better, consider adding lighting, either on the pergola or as part of the tabletop décor. In cooler months, a patio heater might make an excellent addition, extending the amount of time that can be enjoyed outdoors!

Add Shade To An Outdoor Kitchen

What’s better than dining outdoors? Cooking!

Outdoor kitchens are a popular addition. Not only does this provide increased cabinet and counter space, but it also allows cooks to enjoy time outside while whipping up a gourmet meal. A pergola will make an outdoor kitchen even more attractive while providing much-needed shade. 

Install A Pergola Over A Hot Tub 

Hot tubs are great for relaxing. It doesn’t matter if your hot tub is installed as part of your deck or if it is its own freestanding structure – a pergola is a great addition to any hot tub space. Mood lighting can be hung from the pergola, fabric placed to increase privacy or even the addition of climbing plants to provide a scent-filled area. 

Create An Outdoor Reading Space

Book lovers will love having a pergola to sit under while devouring their latest book. Pair this shade structure with comfortable seating and lighting. Add some pillows and a blanket and it will be hard to leave! 

Shop For A Pergola For Over Your Patio 

The online store at Plastic Lumber Yard makes it easier than ever to find the perfect vinyl pergola. You can choose from dozens of kits or, check out the Pergola Designer to create a custom pergola for your outdoor space. 

Pergolas can be freestanding or attached and come with everything needed except for the tools needed for installation. A full installation guide is also included for those who wish to build their own pergola. 

The pergolas offered in our store are made of vinyl. Vinyl pergolas will never chip, crack, peel, splinter, or rot. They never need to be painted, stained, or sealed. Once installed, occasional cleaning is all that is needed. Vinyl pergolas are truly the most low-maintenance pergola on the market. 

If you or your contractor have any questions regarding our pergolas or installation, contact our team today.