Pergola, Arbor, or Gazebo? What's The Difference? | Plastic Lumber Yard

Any outdoor space, large or small, can be transformed into a beautiful oasis. There are countless ways to improve an outdoor area, including the addition of a pergola, gazebo, arbor, or trellis. Each structure has its own benefits. 

Our team has decided to share more about each of these structures so that you can determine which one best fits your outdoor space and needs. 

What Is A Pergola? 

A pergola is a large structure that can be made out of vinyl, wood, or even steel. Pergolas can be very small or quite large, spanning hundreds of feet. Typically used to create a private space, pergolas commonly cover decks, patios, gardens, and outdoor kitchens. 

A pergola can be freestanding, a single structure on its own, or attached to a home, garage, or even a barn. Attached pergolas are sometimes called “eyebrow” pergolas. 

Pergolas provide a defined space and shade under which outdoor furniture can be placed. There are many ways to enhance a pergola, by adding flowering vines, fabric, or lighting. 

Plastic Lumber Yard offers vinyl pergolas in four different colors. Dozens of DIY pergola kits are available in the online store, or, a custom pergola can be designed in our unique online pergola design program. 

What Is An Arbor? 

Arbors are frequently called pergolas, but they actually serve a different purpose. An arbor is similar to a pergola – it is built with posts that support an open-top, made from beams or lattice. However, an arbor isn’t meant to be large enough to create a distinct space. Instead, arbors are meant to be an entrance. 

Arbors are typically installed as part of a fence system or stone wall. When used on a walking path, an arbor can help to guide the flow of traffic or indicate a change in landscaping design. 

Arbors can also easily be decorated with climbing plants or lighting. 

What Is A Gazebo? 

A gazebo is always freestanding and is the most defined of the outdoor structures being discussed in this post. Usually built in an octagonal design, gazebos have a full roof. It is possible to screen in a gazebo and add doors, making it an entirely enclosed space that still allows air to pass through. 

Although gazebos are most frequently found in commercial spaces, a gazebo can be an excellent addition to private property as well. 

Can I Install My Own Pergola, Arbor, Or Gazebo? 

Absolutely! With the right tools, knowledge, and support, you can build your own pergola, arbor, or gazebo. Check out our post on DIY Pergola Essentials to learn about the tools you’ll need to install your own pergola. 

Plastic Lumber Yard makes it especially easy to build a DIY freestanding or attached pergola. Our vinyl pergola kits come with everything that is needed, except for the tools. A full set of installation instructions will guide you through the process of building the pergola. Generally speaking, two or more people can build a small pergola in 1-2 days. 

Our team is also happy to work closely with your contractor on both the pergola design and installation. 

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