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Building your own furniture can be a rewarding hobby. Working with traditional wood is certainly an option, however, it might be advantageous to switch to using plastic lumber for furniture making

Reasons To Build Your Own Furniture

There are many reasons why building your own furniture might be a better option than purchasing a set. 

Homemade Furniture Can Be Customized 

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the exact piece of furniture you have in mind for your outdoor space. You might look at a table and like the top but dislike the legs. When you design and build your own furniture, it ends up being exactly what you want. 

Skills Can Be Learned 

It takes time and practice to learn any skill. When you build your own furniture, you’ll learn more about the different types of materials that can be used and tools. It can feel great to tell a family member or friend, “I built that.”


It’s always possible to buy cheap, poorly made furniture that won’t last more than a season. Well made, durable furniture typically requires a higher investment at the time of purchase, however, it will last much longer. When you build your own furniture, you can choose durable materials and fashion them into any design you wish. 

Over time as your skills are honed, friends and family will be asking you to make their outdoor furniture as well!

The Benefits Of Making Furniture With Plastic Lumber 

Experienced and beginner furniture makers who haven’t worked with plastic lumber might be surprised by the benefits that this recycled material has to offer. 

Plastic Lumber Is Extremely Durable 

Plastic lumber lasts much longer than even pressure treated wood. Plastic does not absorb water and so it will never rot. Insects have no interest in burrowing into plastic, unlike traditional wood furniture. Recycled plastic lumber is manufactured to withstand sun, rain, snow, and wind. 

Plastic Lumber Can Bend 

When heated, plastic lumber can be molded into a rounded shape, allowing for more creative designs without having to cut. 

Recycled Lumber Is Available In Many Colors

Lumber made from recycled plastic can’t be painted. Knowing this, we provide dozens of color choices, ensuring that furniture can match any existing design. 

Outdoor Furniture Made From Plastic Is Low Maintenance 

Speaking of painting – you’ll never have to paint your outdoor furniture again! There will be no need to stain or waterproof the furniture you make with plastic lumber. All that will be required is a quick wash whenever the furniture gets dirty! This can be easily accomplished with a soft bristle brush, soap, and water. 

Do I Need Special Tools To Use On Plastic Lumber? 

No, the same tools that are used for building furniture with wood will work on plastic lumber. 

Which Grade Of Plastic Lumber Is Best For Building Furniture? 

Our team recommends that furniture makers strongly consider using Premium Plastic Lumber. This grade is best when any milling is required and it also has the nicest finish. You’ll love any outdoor furniture made with Premium Grade!

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