ocean city boardwalk at sunset

Eco-Friendly Plastic Lumber And Building Materials

For more than 30 years, Plastic Lumber Yard has been providing eco-friendly recycled plastic lumber and outdoor building materials to homes and businesses in New Jersey. Our products are so durable that many of the original construction projects built decades ago are still standing today.

Lumber That Is Safe For Wildlife

The New Jersey Shoreline is around 130 miles long and home to thousands of land and marine animals. Just a few of the amazing creatures that you might be lucky enough to spot at the Jersey Shore include: 

  • Osprey
  • Horseshoe Crab
  • Common Atlantic Octopus
  • Barred Owl
  • Lined Seahorse
  • Diamondback Terrapin
  • Bottlenose Dolphin

The New Jersey Shoreline is one of the most developed and densely populated shorelines in the area and it’s no secret that over the years, humans have had a severe impact on the flora and fauna in the area. Thanks to ongoing research, homeowners, businesses, and the local New Jersey government can choose from materials that are safer for the environment for construction projects. 

There are very few lumber products that are both safe for the environment and durable. Plastic Lumber is one of them.

Marine Grade Plastic Lumber – Perfect For Docks, Boardwalks, & Decks

When traditional wood building materials are used in a humid or marine environment, it needs to be pressure treated if it’s going to last for any decent length of time. 

This process involves putting wood inside of a tank and then extracting any air, creating a vacuum. Chemicals are then added and the pressure causes the chemicals to sink deep into the wood. Once that wood is used in the environment, those chemicals leach into the surrounding soil and water.

Plastic lumber is non-leaching and non-polluting, eliminating potential damage to the surrounding environment. It’s made entirely from recycled plastics that were once ocean and landfill bound. Plastic lumber is perfect for marine applications because it will never rot, splinter, or peel.


Playland Amusement Park: An Ocean City, NJ Gem

For more than 60 years, Playland at the Ocean City, NJ boardwalk has thrilled countless visitors. The park features over 32 rides, including several small roller coasters, an arcade, mini golf, and go karts. 

Over the years, Playland has been remodeled and upgraded on numerous occasions. In fact, the boardwalk entrance into the park is made with plastic lumber from Plastic Lumber Yard! The original plastic lumber used for this project still stands today and is in perfect condition – just take a look at this recent photo!

As you can see in the photo, the main boardwalk is made from traditional wood. At the time of this photo, the wood boardwalk was only two years old. It’s already cracked and warping from the exposure to humidity and the high foot traffic. The plastic lumber used by Playland, was over a decade old at the time of the photo and is still in perfect condition despite having gone through several hurricanes and regular use. 

Castaway Cove at Playland, Ocean City, NJ

I discovered Premium plastic lumber when I was looking to replace the deck on my shore house. Mark at PLY was very helpful and sent samples so I could decide on a color. My deck is gorgeous and has handled rain, sand, and sun very well! 

Eve K.

I ordered plastic lumber and vinyl railing from Plastic Lumber Yard for my shore house in Brigantine. The construction was completed in 2020 and I’m pleased with how it all came together. I get a ton of compliments from friends and neighbors! 

Bob W.

Love my shore home but don’t always love sitting in the sun. I decided to install a pergola over my deck and ordered the 10′ x 10′ pergola kit in white. My husband and his best friend were able to install it in a day and now I have shade!

Tracy M.

Vinyl Railing Perfect For Any Shore House

Finding the perfect materials for the outside of a shore house can be challenging. Sun, sand, wind, and heavy rains can take a toll on building materials over the years. While a traditional wood railing can be beautiful, the reality is that it just isn’t durable enough to withstand a coastal environment. 

Vinyl railing that is reinforced with aluminum is both attractive and durable. Built to last, vinyl is surprisingly strong – up to five times stronger than wood. It won’t fall prey to insects, it won’t peel, crack, or splinter, and it will never rust. Vinyl is low-maintenance, requiring only an occasional cleaning with soap and water. 

Beautiful home with vinyl railing

Vinyl Fencing Perfect for sandy Soil

Have you been thinking about installing a fence at your shore home or business? Installing a fence in a sandy area might seem difficult but with the right materials and tools, an attractive property border can be yours. 

Tips For Installing Fence Posts In Sandy Soil 

The problem with sand is that is shifts quite a bit. This makes it more important than ever to properly set each post. To accomplish this, you or your contractor should: 

  • dig a hole that is at least three feet deep and three times the diameter of the post;
  • wet the surrounding soil/sand to compact it;
  • place at least 6 inches of 3/4 inch crushed stone at the bottom of the post hole for drainage;
  • set the post inside of the hole and add another 6 inches of gravel around the post, packing it down firmly;
  • after making sure that the post is level, pour quick set concrete into the hole, covering the gravel and the hole up to 4-inches below ground level;
  • once the concrete has set, cover with sand/soil. 

When properly installed, a vinyl fence will last for years, only requiring an occasional cleaning. 

Experienced professionals ready to answer your construction questions

Our team is ready to help you determine exactly what building materials you need for your latest home project. Feel free to send sketches/plans of your project to info@plasticlumberyard.com. One of our team members will review your plans and create a custom quote with everything you need.