Tips For Maintaining A Vinyl Fence Year After Year

Vinyl is one of the most popular materials for fencing and for good reason. This type of fencing is not only attractive but it’s also highly affordable, durable, and low maintenance. Low maintenance, however, doesn’t mean “no maintenance”.  

Tips For Maintaining Your Vinyl Fence

Here’s what you need to do in order to keep your vinyl fence in great shape. 

Monitor And Maintain The Landscape

Trees, bushes, and flowers can create a gorgeous landscape – but they can also cause serious damage to a fence. Tree and bush roots can disrupt the ground and the stability of fence posts nearby. Large branches and plants with thorns, like rose bushes, can rub against the vinyl, causing damage. 

By checking the vegetation planted near the fence and cutting back overgrown plants, damage can be prevented and repairs made. 

Clean The Vinyl 

Over time, dirt and debris will build up. Thankfully, cleaning a vinyl fence is a fairly easy task! 

  1. Clean Up The General Area: Pull away leaves, stone, dirt, or branches that are resting against the base of the posts. Over time, this debris will break down and if not removed, may stain the fence. 
  2. Wash Down The Vinyl: Sometimes, all that is needed is water to remove the dirt from a vinyl fence. However, for more stubborn areas, a gentle soap and water solution could be needed. Use a soft cloth or a soft bristle brush to scrub the dirt away. 

Keep in mind that vinyl gets a bit more brittle in extremely cold weather. It’s best to clean a vinyl fence when the temperatures are warmer. Also, never use abrasive cleaners or materials on the vinyl.

Can A Power Washer Be Used On A Vinyl Fence? 

Yes, a power washer can be a useful tool that can quickly clean a vinyl fence. However, improper use of a power washer can damage a vinyl fence. 

When using a power washer to clean a vinyl fence, it’s important to use a spray tip that is wider, cone shaped spray, and a low PSI. The PSI should be around 300 PSI. Stand about 3 feet away from the fence when using a power washer. Closer distances increase pressure and could damage the vinyl.

Check For Damage And Make Immediate Repairs

Yes, vinyl is extremely durable, but accidents do happen typically during a storm. Broken rails and uprooted posts aren’t just unsightly, they ruin the integrity of the fence. Making repairs quickly will ensure that the enclosed property is once again safe and secure. 

Contact Plastic Lumber Yard With Your Vinyl Fencing Questions

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