Why Are Pergolas Popular & Why Should I Install One?

If you’re looking to add to your outdoor living space and are learning more about outdoor design, you may have wondered why so many home and business owners choose to install pergolas

Why Should I Install A Pergola? 

Here are the benefits a pergola can provide: 

Pergolas Provide Shade

If your home or business has little to no shade, installing a pergola might be the perfect solution. A pergola naturally creates shade with beams and rafters. The amount of shade can be adjusted and changed with the addition of fabrics and covers. 

Create Privacy With A Pergola 

Sometimes you just want additional privacy, a space where time can be spent outside without worry about nosy neighbors. A pergola alone can increase privacy. When used in combination with plants, fabrics, and lattice, it creates an outdoor oasis safe from spying eyes! 

Outdoor Living Space Defined

A vinyl pergola can be used to define a specific type of outdoor living space. This could be an outdoor kitchen, yoga retreat, dining area, or simply a seating area. Add furniture, outdoor carpeting, plants, and even a fire pit. The possibilities are endless! 

Pergolas Work In Any Space

You don’t have to have a huge yard to install a pergola! Pergolas can be installed over a patio, deck, driveway, or in a yard. It can be either freestanding or attached. 

Plastic Lumber Yard offers pergola kits or custom designed pergolas to fit specific individual needs. 

Pergolas Increase Home Value 

Many potential home buyers want to see an outdoor space that is an extension of the indoor living area. A pergola adds an element of luxury and sophistication, seamlessly combining the two spaces. 

A Great DIY Project

While many contractors are more than willing to install a pergola, those who like to tackle their own home projects will love the opportunity that a pergola gives them. Typically, a pergola, depending on the size, can be installed by two people in 1-2 days. 

Which Pergola Material Is Best? 

A pergola can be built out of nearly anything but our team believes that vinyl is the best option. Vinyl is waterproof so it won’t rust or rot. It doesn’t attract insects like carpenter bees or termites. It never needs to be painted, stained, or sealed. 

When aluminum reinforcement is used in a vinyl pergola, the strength of the structure is unmatched. 

Can My Deck Handle The Weight Of A Vinyl Pergola?

The majority of decks and patios can effortlessly handle the weight of a vinyl and aluminum reinforced pergola. Vinyl and aluminum are quite lightweight, which is another reason why our pergolas are easy to install. 

Our team does recommend, however, checking the existing structure for damage and making repairs prior to installing a new pergola.