What Does It Mean When A Fence Is Rackable?

If you’re shopping for a new fence the term “rackability” may have come up. In this post, our team explains what rackability is and discuss which fences are the most rackable. 

What Is Rackability? 

When a fence is rackable, it has the ability to follow the slope of the ground. This ensures a smoother fence line when going up and down slopes. It also increases the security of the yard because a rackable fence helps to prevent gaps between the bottom rail and the ground. 

Which Vinyl Fence Styles Are The Most Rackable?

Here we’ve listed the vinyl fence styles available in Plastic Lumber Yard’s online store, from most rackable to least. 

Split Rail Fence 

Also known as post and rail fence, split rail fencing is very easy to install on a slope. This type of vinyl fence is great for those who love the look of a classic ranch fence. Available in 2-post, 3-post, and 4-post sizes. 

Looking for a more modern touch? Check out black split rail fence!

Picket Fence 

A white picket fence is the ideal choice for many homeowners. Although it might take a bit more effort, a picket fence can be installed on an incline or decline. 

Choose from a concave or straight top and mix and match post caps for a custom look. 

Privacy Fence 

Many people mistakenly believe that a privacy fence is difficult to install on a slope but privacy fence is rackable! 

Our online store offers privacy fence with and without lattice on the top in several colors. Privacy fence is a great way to secure a yard! 

Racking a Fence vs Stepping

When a fence is racked, the topline and bottom line of the fence are smooth, as though the fence had been installed on even ground. 

Stepping has a much less neat appearance, with the top of the fence looking as though it were a set of stairs. 

Affordable Vinyl Fence Solutions For Homeowners and Contractors

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