The Parts Of A Pergola | Custom Pergola Design

If you’re considering installing a pergola on your own, it’s a good idea to become familiar with each of the parts of a pergola. With this knowledge, you can feel confident during the installation process and handle any complications that may arise. 

A Full List Of The Parts Of A Pergola 

Here is a list of each pergola part with a description of each: 

Pergola Columns/Posts

The columns or posts are the vertical support structures that are secured to a surface. There are a minimum of two columns supporting an attached pergola and a minimum of four columns for freestanding pergolas. 

Pergola Beams & Rafters

The beams and rafters are the pieces that become part of the pergola roof. The beams are placed on top of the columns, while the rafters are placed on top of the beams, creating the open air and shaded structure. 

Pergola Hardware

Hardware includes the screws and brackets that connect the various pergola parts together. 


Typically concrete, this is the base that the columns are supported by and connected to. 

Ledger Board

The ledger board applies for attached pergolas. It is a supporting beam that is anchored to the building wall frame. It is the same length as the pergola. 

Designing a Custom Pergola 

A large variety of pergola kits are available in our online store, however, our team understands that these kits don’t work for every property owner. 

We have helped countless home and business owners create custom pergolas to fit their specific properties. Contact us with photos of your property, drawings, and questions and we can identify the parts you will need to complete your project. 

Pergola Repair: Can Vinyl Pergola Parts Be Replaced?

Sometimes, despite careful maintenance and care, pergolas become damaged. This is most frequently caused by falling branches. Thankfully, new parts can be ordered to simply replace the old ones. A pergola repair is often a more affordable solution than replacing the pergola entirely. 

Ordering The Correct Pergola Parts

Always be sure to check with an experienced pergola team before ordering your parts, as often, parts in online stores are mixed in with the parts for: 

  • Gazebos: This structure has a closed roof and frequently a low railing with indoor seating attached to it. 
  • Arbors: Small, typically used as a gateway or frame for climbing plants. 
  • Pavilion: A pavilion is typically open like a pergola but has a full roof. 

The parts for these structures will not work for a vinyl pergola. If you have any questions about which parts to order, contact the team at Plastic Lumber Yard.