Using Plastic Lumber For Zoo Construction Projects

There are thousands of zoo throughout the world, each one working hard to educate the public about the animal world. Zoos aren’t just fun to visit – these amazing organizations help to protect endangered species through breeding programs, introduction programs, and field conservation. 

It takes immense effort, planning, and dedication to successfully run even a small zoo. One way to save time and money on maintenance is to invest in high-quality and durable building materials, like recycled plastic lumber

Plastic Lumber Applications for Zoos

Here are just a few of the ways in which zoos have used the products from Plastic Lumber Yard in the past. 

Animal Enclosures 

It’s no secret that animals are tough on their enclosures. They scratch, chew, and bump into every inch of their homes. Plastic wood boards provide the strength needed to withstand this constant wear and tear. 

Boards made from HDPE can be used for shelters, animal playgrounds, fencing, retaining walls within the enclosure and so much more. 

Walkways and Steps

Walkways need to have the strength to support heavy foot traffic and even vehicles. Structural plastic lumber is a great choice for any walkway, bridge, boardwalk, or staircase!


Playgrounds for kids are often installed in zoos. When made of wood, a playground is a source of splinters. A playset that has been made of plastic lumber and plastic sheeting will never splinter, giving parents peace of mind!

Picnic Tables and Benches

Every zoo needs a place where visitors can rest and eat. Picnic areas and benches placed throughout the zoo do just that. When made from recycled plastic, these structures are not only likely to last for decades but they are also much easier to clean!

Retaining Walls and Landscaping

Retaining walls help to keep soil from eroding. Over time, contact with the soil and exposure to the elements will cause wood to rot, warp, and split. Soon, a replacement wall must be installed. 

This doesn’t happen when an investment in plastic wood is made. Even if placed directly in water, plastic boards don’t rot or weaken!

Boards can also be used for raised beds, edging, and even turf nailers!

Parking Bumpers 

Bright yellow plastic lumber can be used instead of concrete for parking bumpers. It never needs to be painted!

Lumber isn’t the only product that is worth consider – plastic sheeting is a great choice too!

The Veterinary Industry Can Benefit From Using Plastic Sheeting

The importance of a clean and sterile environment in a medical facility can never be understated. Plastic Lumber Yard is proud to offer Flame Board – a building material that is frequently used in clean rooms, biological safety containers, work stations, and more. 

Contact Plastic Lumber Yard About Your Next Construction Project

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