Using Plastic Wood Boards For Horse Stalls And Stables

Every equestrian knows that barns, horse stalls, and outdoor run-ins take a beating. Whether you’re building a new equestrian facility or updating an existing one, plastic lumber could be the long-term building material solution you’ve been looking for. 

The Benefits Of Using Plastic Lumber In Horse Stables

Here’s why you should consider using plastic lumber in your equine facilities:

Plastic Lumber Is Durable

HDPE lumber can take the kicks, bumps, and pushes that horses dole out on a daily basis. The natural give of plastic ensures that the boards aren’t too stiff or brittle and that despite regular abuse, the boards retain their shape. 

For situations where additional firmness or stiffness is required, fiberglass is added. 

Plastic Wood Boards Are Weather Resistant 

Plastic wood can withstand sun, snow, sleet, rain, wind, and exposure to sand in coastal environments. It doesn’t absorb water so it won’t ever rot. It is mildew and mold resistant. 

Low-Maintenance and Easy To Clean Lumber

Horses love to make a mess! Plastic wood boards can simply be hosed down or, if a little bit more power is needed, a pressure washer can be used. Other than occasionally checking for damage and cleaning the boards, no maintenance is required! 

Plastic Can Be Sterilized

Horses need medical care too! Equine veterinary hospitals or facilities that have medical horse stalls will love the fact that plastic lumber can withstand steam, hot water, and chemicals that are needed for proper sterilization. 

Horses Are Less Likely To Crib On HDPE Lumber

Many horse owners report that cribbing is greatly reduced or eliminated when stalls and fences are built with HDPE lumber. While the reason for this isn’t fully understood, it certainly is an excellent benefit. 


Appearance is important! Plastic lumber retains its color and even includes UV inhibitors to help prevent fading when exposed to the sun. Painting and staining become a thing of the past, saving time and money. 

Plastic lumber is available in an unmatchable number of board colors – you can even purchase it in purple and pink! If your barn has a color scheme, you’ll be able to find the right match with plastic boards. 

Lumber Made From Recycled Materials 

HDPE lumber includes plastic that has been sourced from recycled materials, like milk jugs, shampoo bottles, and detergent bottles. It is a green building material not only because it is made from recycled goods but also because it will last for decades to come. 

Need Help Calculating How Much Lumber You Need?

If you have questions about which grade of lumber is best for your equine facility or how much lumber you need, our team is here to help. Email your sketches, blueprints, and questions to and we will guide you through the planning process.