What Deck Building Materials Are Best For Tropical Climates?

Anyone who lives in or has visited a tropical climate understands how hot and humid it can get. These areas are characterized by consistently warm weather – at least 65 degrees or warmer. While there are periods of dry weather, humidity is the norm. 

Heat, humidity, and sun can all cause a deck to prematurely age and deteriorate when the proper building materials aren’t used. 

The Best Deck Building Materials For Tropical Climates 

Here are our deck material recommendations: 

Plastic Lumber Boards

Made from HDPE that has been sourced from recycled containers, containers that were once ocean and land-bound. Each board is made entirely from HDPE, with no wood fillers. 

Why does plastic lumber perform well in tropical climates? Plastic doesn’t absorb water or oils, ensuring that it will never rot. It doesn’t crack, peel, warp, or splinter. It is marine friendly and can be used to build decks that come into contact with both fresh and salt water. 

Plastic does not contain chemicals that will leech into the surrounding environment, unlike pressure-treated wood. 

Insects, which are abundant in tropical climates will not burrow into or eat plastic lumber eliminating the possibility of insect damage. 

Premium plastic lumber comes in a wide range of colors to suit the needs of any homeowner or business. The pigments used to make each color are included throughout the board and UV inhibitors are added to protect the color from fading in the sun. 

Will Plastic Lumber Attract Mold Or Mildew? 

Another great feature of plastic lumber is that it is resistant to mold and mildew. In the rare instance that mold or mildew does adhere to the boards, it can simply be wiped or washed away using water and dish soap. 

Vinyl Railings: Safe, Durable, & Sophisticated 

Drive through any shore or island town and you’ll see bright white vinyl railings on nearly every home and business. Why is that? 

Vinyl is a type of plastic called PVC that is made from ethylene and chlorine. Like HDPE, it won’t ever rot, even in the most humid of environments. It also won’t crack, peel, splinter, or warp. It won’t attract insects. 

Vinyl is also low-maintenance and easy to clean! It’s a great choice for deck railing.

Vinyl Pergolas 

There’s nothing better than relaxing in the shade on a deck. A vinyl pergola can provide that shade! Pergolas, both freestanding and attached, can be installed on top of most decks. 

Pergolas help to expand your living space from indoors to outdoors. This space can be used to define a specific outdoor area, like an outdoor diving area, outdoor kitchen, or quiet reading spot. 

Our online store features pergola kits and an online pergola builder where you can design your own custom pergola

Deck Building Materials Delivered To Your Door 

When you order from Plastic Lumber Yard your chosen deck building materials will be delivered right to your door. It’s important to inspect the materials before accepting for and signing for the delivery, so that any damaged parts can be noted and replaced. 

Our team is happy to help you or your contractor to select the right materials for your tropical climate deck. Contact us today to get started!