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Specification Plastic Lumber



Plastic lumber shall be manufactured with recycled HDPE. Plastic Lumber shall be molded in one piece per specified size. All materials will have UV additives to prevent deterioration of the plastic lumber from exposure to UV light. HDPE will be made up of no less than 95% recycled material; both post industrial and post consumer. Finished plastic lumber will not rot, crack or splinter for a minimum of 50 years. It shall be resistant to termites, marine borers, salt spray, oil, and fungus.


Flexural StrengthD6109-971355PSI95Kg/cm²
Flexural ModulusD6109-9795939PSI6744Kg/cm²
Compression StrengthD6108-971420PSI100Kg/cm²
Compression ModulusD6108-9751000PSI3585Kg/cm²
Specific GravityD6111-970.861g/cc0.861g/cc
Flash Point644Deg F340Deg C
Moisture Absorption0.06% by Weight0.06% by weight
Thermal ExpansionD6341-980.000055Inch/Inch/Deg F
Average Nail Pull OutD6117-97504Lbs


>FACE WIDTH4″6″8″10″12″
  • CUP/BULDGE TOLERANCES – deviation in the face from a straight line from edge to edge of piece.
  • LENGTH TOLERANCE = + 3″ / – 0″ – Measured at 70 deg F

The above listed are specifications for plastic lumber to be used as a reference for bid specifications. This is only a guide.Your specific application should be addressed by a professional engineer.

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