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Long Island Adirondack 3-Piece Set


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Invest in eco-friendly, high-quality, and durable outdoor furniture that will last for years to come!

The Perfect 3-Piece Adirondack Chair Set

Create a relaxing setting in your outdoor space with the Long Island Adirondack 3-Piece Set. This set includes two Long Island Adirondack chairs and a matching table that are made from plastic lumber.

Our Adirondack chairs and patio tables are made of recycled milk jugs and detergent bottles. Plastic is the optimal material for outdoor furniture for many reasons. It will not peel, crack, or splinter. It repels oil and liquids, ensuring that it will never rot. Insects and other wood-burrowing creatures have no interest in plastic and will not cause damage.

During the manufacturing process, UV protectants are including throughout the plastic as it is molded. These UV inhibitors ensure that the sun won’t cause your favorite colors to fade for many years!

Overall, you’ll be investing in the future when you purchase an Adirondack Chair set from Plastic Lumber Yard.

Can I Paint Or Stain This Plastic Outdoor Furniture Set?

No, this Adirondack chair set cannot be painted or stained. However, that is the beauty of plastic lumber – it is incredibly low maintenance! You won’t have to worry about the color fading over time. You also won’t have to spend time each year sanding and painting the set in order to keep it looking attractive.

Depth: 58″ X Width: 108″ X Height: 38.5″
Seat Depth: 0″
Seat Width: 0″
Seat Height: 0″

Weight 95 lbs
Dimensions 108 × 38.5 in

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  1. Brad Wolters

    Recently I was walking at a Nature Preserve and was somewhat startled to see boardwalks and benches made of decaying or dilapidated wood. It prompted me to write this review on the Adirondack chairs and side table I purchased from Plastic Lumber Yard about a year ago. They have been great…everything I was hoping for. They have sat outside this entire time and do get hit by both rain and sun and still look as good as the day they arrived. Occasionally I hose them down to get pollen off them, but they are truly easy care. Assembly was straight-forward. I had no problems. And I feel they add a touch of class to my patio. It just astounds me that people would still use wood when plastic lumber is such a great product. It saves you the time and money from having to replace rotting or deteriorating wood and you can feel good about the fact that you’re making good use of plastics that otherwise would end up in a landfill somewhere. I highly recommend Plastic Lumber Yard!

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