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3 in x 36 in Deluxe Straight Picket Fence


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Create beautiful boundaries with the 3” x 36” Deluxe Straight Vinyl Picket Fence.

Vinyl Fencing Built To The Highest Standards

Made in the U.S.A., the manufacturing process for this vinyl fencing is closely monitored from start to finish. Each picket has a pinch-top, however, unlike other picket fences, these pinch tops are not created using caps. Instead, the entire picket is one piece, made by heating the vinyl, pinching it, and securely gluing it.

Vinyl fence is a classic, styish, and low maintenance fence that can be used to keep pets and kids safe. Vinyl eliminates the need for yearly painting or staining. It doesn’t absorb any water and so it won’t rot, making it perfect for areas with humid climates. Damage caused by insects are a thing of the past as wood burrowing creatures have no interest in vinyl. When properly maintained, a vinyl fence can last for decades.

How To Clean A Vinyl Fence

When dirt and debris built up, a power washer can be used to clean a vinyl picket fence. Choose a wider cone shaped spray. Start the power washer on a lower setting, around 500 PSI to avoid causing damage to the vinyl and test on small, inconspicuous spot. For stubborn spots, a soft bristle brush, dish soap, and water can be used to scrub the dirt away.

Easy To Install Vinyl Picket Fence Kits

Home and business owners who want to install their own fence will love the picket fence kits available from Plastic Lumber Yard. Available in 6′ or special lengths, this fencing kit is easy to install and comes with instructions. Call our dedicated team with any questions you may have about the kit and what is included.



Fence Width

6" Section, Special Length Section


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