3 x 36" Classic Straight Fence | Vinyl Picket Fencing

3 in x 36 in Classic Straight Picket Fence

  • Attractive 3′ picket fence available in White, Black, Clay, and Almond
  • Easy to care for professional grade vinyl
  • DIY fence installation kit


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Create a stunning property border with this 3′ picket fence available in four colors.

Easy-To-Install Fence Kits

It doesn’t matter if you’re hiring a contractor or you’re interested in installing your own fence – these kits are perfect! Made of lightweight aluminum reinforced vinyl, each kit includes all fence parts for one section of the fence. Shop matching gates to create a secure entryway.

What Additional Supplies Are Needed?

In addition to the appropriate fence and gate kits, you will need:

  • cement
  • post digger or auger
  • rubber mallet
  • measuring tape
  • power drill
  • shovel
  • circular saw
  • string line

If you’re installing the fence yourself, you’ll want to ask a friend or family member to give you a hand with this project.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Fence?

With the proper tools and manpower, the average fence takes about 1-2 days to install.

How To Measure Your Yard For A Fence

Unsure of how many fence sections you need? Here’s how you measure your yard for a fence.

First, determine where your property lines are and review any restrictions set forth by the local zoning office and, if applicable, your HOA. Determine if any obstacles, such as utility lines and trees. Then, when you’ve mapped out where you would like your fence to sit, use stakes to mark the corners. Each corner will be the location of a 90-degree angle in the fence.

Using the stakes as a guide, measure the perimeter in feet, then divide that amount by the length of the fence sections you intend to purchase. This will provide the number of units you need to buy!

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