WearDeck | Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Lumber

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At Plastic Lumber Yard, we refer to WearDeck as a “Premium Structural” lumber. WearDeck is perfect for marine, residential, commercial, and municipal applications. Each board is available in 8 different colors, Cool Grey, Barefoot Grey, Sand, Barefoot Sand, Cedar, Weatherwood, Saddle, and White.

These boards come with a warranty that guarantees residential projects for life and commercial projects for 25 years.

FAQs About WearDeck

Learn all about our latest offering and get answers to frequently asked questions.

What Is WearDeck Made Of?

WearDeck is created using a proprietary blend of HDPE, fiberglass, and additives. This combination creates an incredibly strong and durable board that is perfect for decks and docks.

Can WearDeck Handle Coastal Weather?

Yes. WearDeck is rated for ground contact and underwater applications. It isn’t impacted by sun, wind, rain, salt, or sand. It’s an excellent choice for decks, boardwalks, and docks, both at marinas and individual homes.

Will Bug Spray Or Suntan Lotion Stain WearDeck?

All HDPE lumber is stain resistant and won’t absorb liquids and oils. However, it’s always wise to clean off any chemical solutions from the surface to maintain the best overall surface appearance.

Do The Boards Have A Directional Wood Grain?

Yes, the grain pattern repeats every 37.5 inches. To ensure a uniform look, install the boards with the grain patterns running in the same direction. This can be determined by following the directional lines on the sides of the boards.

Does WearDeck Absorb Heat?

There’s nothing worse than walking barefoot on a deck or dock that is too hot. These boards are actually heat reflective, helping to protect bare skin on hot summer days. However, some colors do stay cooler than others. White, Barefoot Grey, and Barefoot Sand are the three coolest colors in our lineup.