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Plastic Deck Building


Plastic lumber deck building


Lay out deck to determine the position of 4″ x 4″ treated support posts. 4″ x 4″ support posts can be used only on lower decks, 3′ high maximum. Finished frame should be 1-1/2″ shorter than desired floor space on all open sides. Post holes should be 2′-6″ deep with 8″ concrete fillings. Level post and fill in hole.

Step 2.

Assemble Frame. Use (2) 3/8″ thru Bolts to fasten frame to post. Square up frame by measuring across corners from both corners, if measurements are the same frame is square. If deck is over 16′ wide in any given direction run joist parallel with the longest width, and plastic lumber flooring parallel with the shortest width. Always remember when laying out your deck, 16′ floorboards are the longest in stock, and any splicing of the floor boards is not recommended. Space joist 12″ on center when using 3/4″ x 6″ tongue & groove boards. We recommend using kiln-dried treated lumber instead of wet treated lumber which will warp and twist and therefore create an unevenness in the floor.

Lay out position of 4″ x 4″ ___lumber railing posts, use (2) 3/8″ Carriage bolts to bolt post to frame. We recommend a span of no more than 6′ but certain railing designs can use a longer span. If using Vinyl Railing, install 4″ x 4″ treated lumber rail posts, then sleeve with vinyl 4″ x 4″. Use (2) 3/8″ Carriage bolts to bolt post to frame. See Vinyl Porch Railing System Installation Guide for more information.



Take extra steps to make sure your joist system is rigid by using solid blocking or cross system before installing floor. This is very important as it will restrict the plastic lumber flooring from as much movement as it might have otherwise due to its expansion & contraction tendency. Because plastic lumber is a recycled product there may be slight variations in color. Our premium plastic lumber boards are UV stabilized to prevent fading.



To install decking start at either of the shorter-width sides, Leave a 1-1/2″ overhang and begin to lay deck. Leave a 3/8″ gap around posts & cover with plastic lumber or Vinyl Post Base. You should be aware that this flooring product has a tendency for static electricity buildup. Due to various degrees in individual jobs, this may or may not be an issue for your specific project.

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