two-story deck built with plastic lumber

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For more than 30 years, the team at Plastic Lumber Yard has been supplying contractors and homeowners with high-quality plastic lumber. Composed of 100% post-consumer plastics, this lumber is a durable solution for traditional and creative construction projects. 

I Love My New Deck!

I struggled to find the right lumber for my deck until I talked to Mark at Plastic Lumber Yard. He sent me several samples and talked to my builder about installing plastic lumber. My deck is gorgeous and I spend every nice day outside on it! 

Lori K.
deck built with premium plastic lumber

Great Company 

I live on the water and I was tired of having to replace my dock every couple of years. I took pictures of the existing dock and contacted Plastic Lumber Yard. They helped me determine how much lumber I needed. Dock still looks new years later!  

Ben R.

Can Plastic Lumber Be Used For Any Construction Project? 

Absolutely. Our plastic lumber has been used to build decks, docks, boardwalks, furniture, barns, horse stall doors, benches, and so much more. You can do anything with plastic lumber that you can with traditional wood lumber. 

Is Plastic Lumber As Strong As Wood? 

Yes, plastic lumber is as strong as wood and some lumber grade are even stronger. For example, Molded Grade plastic lumber is fiberglass reinforced, making it perfect for areas with high foot traffic and even vehicle traffic. 

How Long Does Plastic Lumber Last? 

Plastic lumber will last for decades – in fact, many of the original projects built in 1990 when Plastic Lumber Yard first opened are still exist. Since plastic doesn’t absorb water or oils, it won’t ever rot, crack, or splinter. It also doesn’t attract insects that could cause damage. 

Recycled Plastic Lumber: An Eco-Friendly Wood Alternative

Made entirely from recycled plastics that were once land and ocean bound, recycled plastic lumber is actually a safer alternative to pressure treated wood. 

Pressure treated wood is created by using pressure created by a vacuum to flood the wood with chemicals. These chemicals, often a type of pesticide, will slowly leach into the environment over time. 

Plastic does not have this issue and can be used in any capacity, even in gardening and farming. 


Custom Pergola Designers

Plastic Lumber Yard offers a huge range of vinyl pergolas. Dozens of pergola kits can be found in the online store, kits that include everything needed to build the pergola including instructions. These kits are perfect for homeowners who love DIY projects. 

For those who need a custom pergola design, the online Pergola designer is a great tool. Both freestanding and attached pergolas can be created in the designer. 


Freestanding Vinyl Pergola

Why Is The Point Of Installing A Pergola? 

Pergolas are structures that can enhance your outdoor space. A pergola extends a living space and provides an area where, when oriented correctly, light shade can be provided. Pergolas are commonly installed over seating areas, decks, patios,  next to pools, or over outdoor kitchens. 

Are Vinyl Pergolas Good? 

At Plastic Lumber Yard, our team believes that our aluminum reinforced vinyl pergolas are the best type of pergola for any outdoor area. Vinyl will never rot, splinter, or peel and doesn’t attract wood-burrowing insects. 

Vinyl pergolas are low-maintenance and never need to be painted or sealed. The color chosen color will stay strong and will look fresh with just a simple cleaning when dirt and debris build up. 

How Long Will A Vinyl Pergola Last? 

When installed correctly and maintained, a vinyl pergola will last for decades. 



Fencing For Sale In Plymouth Meeting, PA


Vinyl Picket Fence In White

High-Quality Vinyl Fencing: Yard, Privacy, & Picket 

Searching for the perfect fence? Look no further. Our store offers high-quality vinyl fencing options to fit any need. 

If you can’t find what you need online, contact our office. We offer yard, picket, and privacy fencing in a wide variety of colors, heights, and styles. Matching gates are also available, as is the required gate hardware. 

Is Vinyl Fencing Cheaper Than Wood? 

Typically, the initial cost of vinyl fencing is about the same as wood. However, over vinyl is a better investment because it will last longer than wood. Vinyl is also much lower-maintenance, further saving home and business owners time and money. 

Contact Plastic Lumber Yard With Your Building Material Questions

If you can’t find what you need on our site or you have questions about which product is the right one for your project, contact our team. We are more than happy to review your project plans and make recommendations.