blueprint of a house being built in Louisiana

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Louisiana is a beautiful state that has a varied geography, ranging from prairies and woodlands to swamps, bayous, marshlands and beaches. Much of the state sits close to sea level, with the highest point in the state, Driskill Mountain, sitting only 535 above sea level. 

As residents know well, many areas of Louisiana are vulnerable to water damage caused by flooding that occurs when tropical storms and hurricanes hit. Not only is new construction a constant in the 64 parishes but rebuilding and repairs are frequently needed. 

Plastic Lumber: Perfect For Bayous, Marshlands, & Waterways

Using wood in a humid and wet environment only results in construction projects that need to be repaired and replaced on a regular basis. Even with regular painting, staining, and waterproofing, wood will be impacted by mold, mildew, and rot. Humidity can also cause wood to warp, swell, and splinter. 

Pressure treated lumber might seem like a good alternative, unfortunately, it’s not the most eco-friendly. The chemicals used to create pressure treated lumber will leach into the surrounding soil and water over time. 

Plastic lumber has none of the weaknesses of untreated or pressure treated lumber. Composed of 100% recycled materials, plastic wood can be used for any construction project. There are three different lumber grades available in our online store: 

  • Premium Grade: The best HDPE decking board available on the market! Available in a wide variety of colors to ensure color matching with any existing building. This lumber is also great for DIY furniture makers. 
  • Structural Grade: A solid understructure is arguably the most important part of any construction project. Our Structural grade lumber contains fiberglass, making it 3 times stiffer than our Premium and Molded grades. This lumber can be used for areas with heavy foot traffic or even vehicle traffic! 
  • Molded Grade: This is the perfect lumber for landscaping projects and for areas where sanitation is a concern – like at a food distribution center. 

Plastic lumber of any grade is a great choice for Louisiana home and business owners because it will last longer than any other product. This lumber is waterproof, doesn’t attract insects, and won’t warp or splinter. While the upfront cost is slightly higher than wood, plastic lumber will last longer and requires none of the yearly upkeep. An occasional power wash is all that is needed to give plastic lumber a fresh look. 

The Forever Dock: The Docking Solution Boat Owners Love

Boats, jet skis, canoes, and kayaks are loved by millions of people for the ability to spend time out on the water. In fact, Louisiana is number 12 on the list of states with the most boat owners. 

Having a safe and functional dock is an important part of the boating experience. While wood docks can work well for a short period of time, the reality is that constant exposure to humidity and water will cause the wood to warp, splinter, and peel. Ongoing maintenance and the replacement of small rotted sections is always ongoing. Eventually, the entire structure will become unsafe and will need to replaced. 

Composite decking is a slightly better alternative, however, composite is still made from wood fibers and wood flour, making mold and warping a serious issue.

Docks made from plastic lumber have the potential to last for decades, making this material an investment in the future. The team at Plastic Lumber Yard has worked with dock builders for decades and can answer any questions about the materials or installation. 

dock built with plastic lumber

Beat The Louisiana Heat With Shade From A Pergola 

When the summer heat hits it can be difficult to enjoy time outside without a shade source. A pergola can be an excellent solution when an outdoor space experiences too much sun. 

The vinyl pergolas available at Plastic Lumber Yard can withstand temperature extremes without warping. DIY pergola installation kits are available in a wide range of sizes, kits that contain everything needed to build a pergola other than tools. Or, a custom pergola can be designed in the online pergola builder

Once erected, a pergola not only provides shade, it also creates a defined space. Adding comfortable and attractive outdoor furniture is an excellent way to create a conversation space, dinner area, or even fire pit seating. 

Furniture made from plastic lumber has all of the same benefits as a deck made from the same material. Built to withstand sun, rain, sand, wind, and even snow, our high-quality outdoor furniture will look new for years to come.