Celebrate National Pool Day With A New Fence

July 11th is National Swimming Pool Day in the U.S. and there’s no better way to celebrate than to jump right into the water! There are plenty of ways to celebrate this day, and while it’s always good to think about the fun aspects of having a pool, it’s also essential to always consider the most crucial factor: safety. 

Keep Friends, Family, And Pets Safe With A Pool Fence

In the majority of all cases, pool fences are required in all 50 states. Typically, code states that a pool fence must: 

  • Be a minimum of 4 feet tall;
  • Have spacing between pickets that is less than 4 inches;
  • Have a space between the bottom rail and the ground that is no less than 4 inches;
  • Have a self latching gate;
  •  Have a gate that self closes and opens outwards from the pool.

Pool fences must be four sided and should separate the pool from the rest of the yard. 

Pool fences should be checked regularly for damage and replaced when the fence is no longer able to provide the safety and security needed. 

What Is The Best Pool Fence Material? 

Our team offers vinyl pool fences because we genuinely believe that vinyl is the best option in the majority of projects. Here’s why. 

Vinyl Is A Durable Material 

Vinyl can withstand sand, sun, salt, snow, rain, ice, and wind without cracking or peeling. A properly installed vinyl fence will last for decades. UV inhibitors are added during the extrusion process to protect the chosen color of the fence and prevent fading. 

Vinyl Requires No Maintenance 

Vinyl doesn’t require maintenance. Gone are the days of painting, staining, and waterproofing. 

Cleaning A Vinyl Pool Fence Is Easy 

When a vinyl fence gets dirty it’s easy to wipe off the grime. Simply hose it down, or use a soft bristle brush, dish soap, and water for stubborn spots. 

If you’re installing a new pool fence or replacing an existing one, a vinyl fence is a great investment. 

Celebrating National Swimming Pool Day

Once you have the safety and security of the pool managed, it’s time to celebrate! Here’s a few ways to have enjoy this special day:

Host A Pool Party 

Invite family and friends to partake in the fun! Break out the grill, throw some floaties and toys in the pool, and enjoy the water! 

Enjoy A Staycation 

Everyone deserves some rest and relaxation. Schedule a staycation that includes pool time, reading books, naps, and whatever else makes you happy! 

Enjoy A Workout In The Pool 

Pools aren’t just for relaxing – water workouts can be a great way to exercise. 

Happy National Pool Day from the team at Plastic Lumber Yard!