Turn Your Pergola Into The Perfect Outdoor Entertainment Space

A pergola is a sophisticated addition to any outdoor space. Installing this shade structure is the perfect way to define a personalized outdoor seating area that can be used again and again. 

Ways to Style an Outdoor Seating Area Under a Pergola

Here are a few ideas for crafting a useful and alluring outdoor entertainment area.

Put a Fire Pit Under Your Pergola

There’s nothing more charming than sitting around a fire, enjoying good conversation, a relaxing environment, and marshmallows roasted over an open flame. Use a wood-burning or gas-powered fireplace as a centerpiece around which seating can be placed. 

Incorporating a fire pit ensures that the outdoor seating area can be used year-round! 

Outdoor Movie Theater

You don’t have to go to a drive-in movie theater to enjoy a film and fresh air! Projectors and screens are easy to purchase for the home. 

Pair the outdoor theater with a chaise lounge set or Adirondack chairs for a cozy seating arrangement. Side tables provide a place to set drinks and snacks to be enjoyed during the movie.

Dining Under the Stars

Hosting a dinner is even better when dining under the stars. Enhance the experience with an outdoor dining set made from waterproof plastic lumber. Add candles, drape the pergola in tulle or other fabric, and set the mood with music. 

Creating a welcoming and relaxing outdoor space will delight family and friends! 

Double Your Kitchen Space By Cooking Outside

An outdoor kitchen can greatly increase the value of any home. Whether it’s a full kitchen with a cooktop and sink or a built-in grill with cabinets for storage, cooking outside is a great experience. 

An attached pergola is the perfect addition to an outdoor kitchen, allowing a kitchen to easily be installed on an outside wall that already has the appropriate wiring and water pipes, while still providing shade. 

Garden Reading Nook

Enjoy solitude and quiet while reading surrounded by nature. Grow a scent-filled and visually stunning garden by adding a variety of potted plants and fast-growing vines with cascading flowers. 

Sip a cup of tea, snuggle under a blanket, and savor some alone time!

Mix and match any of these ideas for the ideal outdoor entertainment space! 

Is A Pergola Easy To Install? 

Yes, a vinyl pergola is very easy to install. Vinyl is lightweight and easy to move. Each pergola kit purchased at Plastic Lumber Yard comes with a full set of installation instructions. It’s the perfect DIY project for 2023!

If you’re interested in designing a custom pergola, use our online builders or contact our sales team with your needs at info@plasticlumberyard.com or call (610) 277-3900.