Choosing A Fence For Your Dog - Things You Need To Consider

One of the most common reasons that homeowners make the decision to install a fence is for their dog. Fences keep our furry companions safe and secure but not every fence is appropriate for dogs. 

Things To Consider When Choosing A Fence For A Dog

Here’s what you need to consider when shopping for fencing for your pup.

How High Can Your Dog Jump?

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. While some are slow, lumbering giants who wouldn’t even think of jumping, others are incredible athletes that see a fence as simply another obstacle to overcome.

Think about this: the Guinness Book Of World Records states that the highest jump ever made by a dog was accomplished in 2017. The dog, named Feather, is a greyhound who cleared 75.5 inches from the ground! That’s more than 6 feet high!

If your dog is an extraordinary jumper, a 6’’ – 8’ fence might be something you want to seriously consider. 

How Close Together Fence Openings Need To Be? 

Smaller dogs might to be able to jump a 6’ foot fence but if the openings between pickets and posts are too large, they don’t need to. A small dog can easily slip through fencing with large gaps. Knowing this, it’s important to factor in how large your dog will be as an adult when shopping for fencing. 

Is Your Dog A Chewer? 

Many dogs love to chew, especially when they are bored and restless. Wood is a favorite material to chew on, making a wooden fence a poor choice. Wire fencing can also be easily ripped apart by determined dog who is seeking a way out of a fenced yard. 

Fence Durability

Dogs, although wonderful companions, can be tough on fences. A good fence needs to be strong yet flexible in order to provide the maximum security for a dog. 

Fence Maintenance

The last thing any dog owner needs to worry about is having to constantly maintain a fence. Fence maintenance should be minimal. 

The Best Types Of Fencing For Dogs 

When you take the above factors into account, vinyl fencing is the best material to select for a dog fence. Why? The answer is simply. Vinyl is incredibly strong and durable, it’s easy to maintain, and it won’t ever rot or rust. 

Vinyl fencing also comes in a wide variety of styles and heights, making it easy to find the right fence for your family. 

Our team finds that the following three types of vinyl fencing work best for dogs: 

Vinyl Privacy Fence 

Privacy fence has solid panels that block unwanted visitors from seeing inside of the fenced in area. Available to order in the online store, privacy fence heights range from 5’ to 8’’. Several styles are available, including fencing with lattice on top for a sophisticated look. 

Vinyl Picket Fence

Picket fences are classic! Our picket fences are available with a straight or concave top and in several attractive colors and heights. 

Vinyl Yard Fence 

Yard fence encompasses a huge range of fencing styles, heights, and colors. 

Is Ranch Style Fencing A Good Choice For Dogs? 

In our team’s experience, split rail fencing, while attractive, isn’t a great option simply because it has such open spaces where dogs can squeeze out. In order to keep a dog in with ranch style fencing, additional wire would need to be installed. 

Shop Easy To Install Fencing Kits

Each of the fencing kits available in the Plastic Lumber Yard online store include all of the parts needed to build a sturdy, durable, and low maintenance fence. A full set of installation instructions are included, making these kits perfect for both contractors and DIY homeowners. 

If you have any questions about the products or installation process, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!