Plastic Lumber And Plastic Sheeting For Medical Building Construction

The healthcare industry is constantly growing and changing, facing challenges like an aging population and a pandemic. New hospitals, clinics, urgent cares, doctors offices, labs, and other medical buildings are in high demand. To complicate matters, medical building construction is no easy feat – each structure has strict requirements. 

Medical Building Construction: What Makes It Challenging?

The design, construction, and operation of a medical building is like no other. Here’s why: 

Each Building & Room Is Constructed For A Specific Specialty

There are dozens of medical specialties: surgery, cardiology, urology, dermatology, allergy and immunology, pathology, and emergency are just a few. Each specialty has it’s own specific needs. For example, a dermatologists office will look very different from a urgent care. 

Medical Building Regulations Are Strict 

There are federal and state regulations that define the standards to which medical buildings must be constructed. Contractors must be aware that these standards are different from other commercial buildings. For example, resilience planning frequently must be factored into the design of a medical building. A detailed construction plan must be in place and the correct materials chosen before any construction begins. 

Ease Of Flow Is Highly Important 

With hundreds or potentially thousands of people coming and going each day, medical buildings must be design and constructed so that employees and patients can easily get from point A to point B, especially in an emergency. 

Patient Safety Comes First 

As noted by the National Institutes of Health, every medical construction project must proceed with patient safety in mind. The top two safety concerns in medical buildings are: 

  • Infection Control: Proper HEPA ventilation and containment areas need to be included in any medical building design. Materials that are used should be easily sanitized by chemicals or heat – or both. 
  • Fall Prevention: Falls can have serious consequences for any patient. Walkways should have gentle slopes, not steep inclines. Strong and durable railings need to be installed to provide support, both inside and out. Slip resistant flooring is an important factor. 

Plastic Lumber Yard Works With Medical Building Contractors 

Plastic Lumber Yard has a wide range of products that are perfect for medical facility construction. Our premium plastic lumber is waterproof, durable, and slip resistant. It would be perfect for outdoor walkways and ramps. When installed correctly, it can withstand heavy foot traffic and even vehicle traffic.

The Flame Board available in our online store is a type of plastic sheeting that has been used for many medical applications because it is easily formed, worked with, and it’s easy to sanitize. This plastic sheeting has been used in clean rooms, chemical delivery systems, and for pharmaceutical applications. 

It might seem odd, but many medical facilities also love our vinyl pergolas. A beautiful outdoor space can help to provide a calming environment for both staff and visitors. Pergolas help to create a defined outdoor space and can create a quiet sitting area that provides shade.

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