State Parks Benefit From Using Plastic Lumber

While some state parks do generate a bit of revenue, the vast majority rely on government funding. Park officials are provided a strict budget and must find ways to stretch every dollar. Park maintenance and upkeep are part of that budget. 

One way to save money is to invest in green building products that will last for decades. Plastic lumber is one product that can be used for a wide range of solutions in any state park. 

Ways to Use Plastic Lumber in State Parks 

For hundreds of years, parks have relied on wood products to build and maintain structures. Wood requires regular maintenance and frequently needs to be replaced as it rots and is damaged from exposure to the elements. 

Plastic boards won’t weaken or rot, even when exposed directly to water. It can be strengthened through fiberglass reinforcement, creating a board five times stronger than wood. Plus, plastic lumber requires little to no maintenance. 

Here are just a few ways to incorporate plastic lumber into a state park’s renovation projects.

Amphitheater Seating

Amphitheaters are a great way to bring entertainment to the great outdoors. Large bench seating is typically used in amphitheaters. Plastic boards can easily be used to build these seats. 

For example, take a look at this amphitheater, perfectly positioned in front of Mount Rushmore. Boards from Plastic Lumber Yard were used to make the seating! These seats will last for decades without rotting, warping, cracking, peeling, or sustaining damage caused by insects. It can be easily cleaned, making maintenance easy! 

Plastic lumber used for ampitheather seating at Mount Rushmore


Provide visitors with a place to rest by building benches out of plastic timber. For a unique look, use a heating blanket on the boards so that they can be molded into a circular shape. Then install the circular bench around a tree! 

Picnic Tables 

Picnic areas are a common addition to any park. It allows visitors to dine outdoors, enjoying the scenery. Picnic tables can also be used as a way to obtain donations, by allowing patrons to commemorate a loved one by sponsoring the entire picnic area or an individual table. 

Decks and Docks

Observation decks and docks are a great way for park visitors to take advantage of a specific view. These structures experience a lot of foot traffic and must be made from a strong and durable material that can withstand any type of weather. 


For children, there’s nothing better than a playground! By using plastic lumber and plastic sheeting, splinters can be avoided. Plastic lumber and sheeting also come in dozens of colors making it easy to customize a bright and fun playground! 


Often, steps are cut into the earth on the sides of hills and mountains, creating a path for hiking. Plastic boards can be used as small retaining walls on each step, to ensure that rain, snow, and ice don’t cause the land to shift and the steps to lose shape.

Retaining Walls

Large retaining walls can be built using plastic timber. 


Parks that want to create walkways through wetlands will love the waterproof nature of plastic planks. 


Plastic lumber can be routered and milled like any other wood, making it perfect for park signs and trail markers. 

Our Team Can Help Your Park Project Become a Reality 

If you have any questions about the lumber options we provide and how they can be used, contact Plastic Lumber Yard today. Our sales team loves working with park officials to create long-lasting and durable solutions.