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Foreverdeck. Long lasting plastic lumber decking

Foreverdeck® Installation Guide *

1. Structural Ability

Foreverdeck®  is not recommended for structural use, therefore the substructure must be constructed of pressure treated lumber, or some other structural grade material. If you desire to use Foreverdeck®  for structural use please contact one of our technical people at our main office for detailed directions.

2. Joist Spacing

Due to its increased flexibility (as compared to wood), Foreverdeck® requires more support than a traditional deck. Please use the following chart to determine the joist spacing.

Foreverdeck® ThicknessRecommended Joist Spacing
1” (3/4 board)12”
1-1/2” (2 x board)16”

3. Expansion/Contraction

Foreverdeck®  expands and contracts along its length. A 10’ length will expand and contract up to 3/8”. Due to this fact, Foreverdeck®  should be run along the shortest length of the deck with the joists running the long direction. Example: an 8’ x 16’ deck should use 8’ Foreverdeck®  over joists running the 16’ length. These joists are normally divided into 2 – 8’ x 8’ sections with a header between them. Also, lighter colors do not heat up as much in sunlight and are therefore preferable when installing a deck in a very sunny location.

4. Fastening

To withstand the expansion and contraction as well as to maintain a long-lasting, beautiful looking deck, stainless steel deck screws should be used, preferably #10 x 2 ½” or 3” long, square drive stainless steel deck screws. Each deck board should be fastened with at least 2 screws per joist. (non-tongue & groove)  Screws must be pre-drilled and should be counter-sunk. Also, coating the screws with a lubricant, such as a silicone caulk, or soap will ease installation. All screws should be a minimum of ¾” from the edge or end of the board. If using tongue and groove boards use 1 #7 x 1 5/8″ or 2 1/4″ finish head screw per joist, with no counter-sink necessary.

5. Butt Joints

When butting Foreverdeck®  against any wall, fixed surface or other boards (if necessary), they should be securely fastened to the nailer or double joist with a gap allowing for expansion. The size of the gap should be determined based on weather conditions at the time of installation – the closer the temperature is to the usual high temperature for the year, the smaller the gap. (See chart below).

The deck should be designed to minimize the butt joints. However, in the event that joints are required, a double joist underneath the butt joint should be used. Boards should be securely fastened with a row of screws on each side of the joint 1” from end of the board. Always keep deck boards out 3/8” from the permanent structure.

Temperature at time of installationGap between butt ends
 Equal or Greater then  90o F1/16 or less
70o F1/8
50o F1/4
Less than 30o F3/8

6. Rip Cutting

Two cuts must be taken in the event that a board must be ripped down. This is due to the difference in tension between the outer “skin” of the board and the board’s center. For example, if a 4” board is needed, ¾” should be ripped off of both sides of a 5-1/2” board.

Should there be any questions regarding these instructions, please contact your sales representative for more details.

*Failure to follow these instructions will void all warranties.

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